Apache Spark

IBM Spectrum Conductor: Access, analyze and protect big data

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If your organization uses data to gain competitive advantage, you’re looking to accelerate performance-intensive applications and extract full value from that data. As data volumes continue to explode in size, you’re probably asking: How do we accelerate results by rapidly and efficiently adopting next-generation analytics applications and open source frameworks such as Apache Spark? Are ...read more

Powering up Apache Spark for the enterprise

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The Apache Spark community and enterprise Spark adoption have both been growing rapidly. Many enterprises are now experimenting with Spark as an in-memory engine to accelerate many common analytics workloads. However early adoption often results in individual, isolated Spark clusters as different lines of business or functional groups set up their own infrastructure to learn ...read more

More than vapor: The IT foundation to make cloud work

Cloud computing, Mainframes

When someone says cloud, what do you think of? Fluffy-looking things in the sky? Something that stores photos or music out there somewhere? Maybe, it’s even a virtual instance of Linux on an x86 box? These are all common notions of cloud, but as the cloud becomes more pervasive we should think about it in ...read more

Defining a new generation of software-defined infrastructure

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IBM has announced the next evolution of its software-defined infrastructure, designed to speed analysis of data and simplify management of distributed environments. The new IBM Spectrum Computing portfolio of intelligent resource and workload management software is built for organizations that use data for competitive advantage and need to extract full value from that data—fast. Accelerating ...read more

Get started on your cognitive journey: Part two

In Part 1, we talked about how to apply some of the Watson Languages services to help you gain insights from information that are hiding in your customers’ communication. Now we are going deeper to discuss how to apply machine learning, which is the core of a cognitive system, to guide your business operations. Apply ...read more

New tool to drive Spark performance advancement and adoption

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Apache Spark has emerged as a leading analytics framework, supplanting MapReduce in many cases. With Spark’s surging popularity, many firms’ IT groups want to avoid the cost, complexity and inefficiency of deploying separate Spark clusters. They are looking to deploy Spark as a centralized service yet have raised the same concern as they did when ...read more

Take the cognitive controls


The first airplane, “Flyer,” had two flight controls: a hip cradle and a wooden lever. The pilot could feel wind, navigate by sight and react by managing simple tools to manipulate the wings, the rudder and the elevator. A commercial airliner today has hundreds of controls for reacting to numerous systems in flight including hydraulics, ...read more

Mainframe data becomes more accessible with Apache Spark

Mainframes, Servers

The rise of digital business has led to a proliferation of data types and sources – from location data to social media content – stored in disparate formats in an enterprise’s data centers or the public cloud. This data can be extremely valuable to organizations that want to engage their customers in real-time in new, ...read more

“Apache Spark aficionados are in for a real shock”: Discover why at Strata


If you’re responsible for analyzing data, you are almost certainly acquainted with Apache Spark. There’s a strong chance you’ve already begun a development project, or at least kicked the tires. Very often Spark is positioned as a “better Hadoop,” but people rarely write about the aspect of Spark that is poised to revolutionize the way ...read more