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NVIDIA GTC deep learning dispatch: Day 1

OpenPOWER, Power servers, Power Systems

It’s begun! NVIDIA’s annual GPU Technology Conference, or GTC. Last week we told you about our Top 5 Things to Do, and now we’re here live at the show to bring you the latest chatter from the conference floor, where industry leaders like IBM, NVIDIA, Mellanox, Samsung and more are coming together. For IBM, our ...read more

Better together: Systems of innovation (Part three)

Hybrid cloud, Linux on z, Mainframes

Welcome to the era of rapid digital business innovation, where creating new value for your organization is limited only by your imagination. Working with executive leaders, we’ve envisioned a hybrid cloud architecture that’s enterprise strong and adaptive to industry-domain requirements, by design. It’s a forward-looking platform that will stand the test of time. Based upon ...read more

The new cloud conversation: How to build a high-performing cloud

Hybrid cloud, Linux on z, Mainframes

While most agree that cloud is the architecture of the future, IT leaders are learning fast that putting all clouds into one category is like saying that all cars are the same. An AMC Gremlin and a Porsche 911 both have an engine and four wheels, but produce vastly different results. With clouds, as with ...read more

Mainframe job opportunities drive nearly 20,000 to skills contest

Academic initiatives, LinuxONE solutions, Mainframes

Possibilities in the cloud era spark global interest Over the weekend, three winners emerged from a group of more than 18,000 students from 47 countries who competed in the largest-ever Master the Mainframe Contest, a programming competition in its eleventh year. The top three winners were among the nine finalists – students from all over ...read more

Why Linux is poised to lead the tech boom in Africa

LinuxONE solutions

Certain emerging markets are advancing so quickly that they aren’t just speeding through the technology phases of developed countries. They’re skipping stages entirely — a phenomenon economists call “leapfrogging.” The most visible signs of leapfrogging are in consumer technologies, including the rapid adoption of the internet, mobile phones and social media. By 2020, Sub-Saharan Africa ...read more

Simplify container management with integrated controls

Software-defined computing, Software-defined storage, Storage...

Organizations are witnessing a rapid evolution in frameworks for big data analytics such as Apache Spark and Hadoop. They are also handling ever-growing volumes of data. To help improve computing reliability and efficiency, many of these next-generation applications are being composed of microservices that run in lightweight container environments. While containers allow developers to move ...read more

How gravity can help your business move faster

Hybrid cloud, Mainframes, Platform economics

The world of physics has long operated under the concept of gravity–the larger the mass of an object, the stronger the force pulling it toward Earth’s center. Those who understand and respect gravity find ways to move objects with less energy. Those who ignore gravity… well, they waste a lot of energy and see their ...read more

Managing digital transformation: The Spark imperative

Hybrid cloud storage, Storage, Workload & resource optimization

The flood of new sources of information or the “data tsunami” as it’s been called is creating tremendous new opportunities to understand our markets, our customers and our business operations. Those same opportunities are also being provided to our competitors. This means that how we respond to the challenge of harnessing that data and using ...read more

Amp up your Spark: three keys to successful deployment

Integrated infrastructure, Storage, Workload & resource optimization

Today, the advantages of an integrated nationwide electricity infrastructure are obvious.  But in the early days of electrical power in the late 1800s, electricity was available only through small, isolated networks.  AC and DC grids competed with one another. This mishmash of isolated systems was costly, inefficient and inflexible. Now IT directors are often faced ...read more