The key to a hybrid cloud for trusted digital experiences

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As organizations tap into new digital applications and services, they are poised to fully exploit the agility and scale of public cloud platforms. In today’s world, a new application can be brought to life in a matter of minutes, to provide innovative new functions from a unique combination of digital and enterprise services, such as more

An application development secret “too good to be true”

Mainframes, Platform economics

We are all familiar with the phrase “Too good to be true”. We’ve all seen the latest workout fad that promises six-pack abs and chiseled muscles from head-to-toe in just 10 weeks. We’ve all seen claims of working from home a few hours a day and making millions of dollars every year. What about those stock trading systems that promise you more

Advanced GPS for your DevOps journey


With modern GPS becoming pervasive, we often take maps for granted. It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when maps simply didn’t exist. I find it interesting that the first maps weren’t even of the earth – they were of the stars. On a more terrestrial front, one of the oldest intact maps more

Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence: Prevention


You know the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? It’s a famous after-the-fact phrase, meaning it is a phrase you often hear used by folks outside the situation, looking in and saying “I told you so.” But nonetheless, no matter who is using it and when, it is often very more

Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence: Value


The API economy is a hot topic. This pioneering shift in the market is creating whole new channels of engagement in the IT marketplace. In case the term “API economy” is new to you (it was to everyone at one point, don’t feel bad), here’s a quick definition: “In the API economy, application programming interfaces more

Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence: Appraise

Hybrid cloud, Software

If you’ve never been to New York City, I highly recommend you go. The sights, the sounds, the food — it’s really something to behold. And while you’re experiencing those sights and sounds, you will inevitably get lost. Depending on who you ask for directions, you may get the right information or you may not. more

Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence: Empower

Hybrid cloud, Software

Have you ever heard someone say, “I wish I had less documentation around this issue”? How about, “I wish the information available was more vague”? If that sounds as ridiculous to you reading it as it does to me writing it, you probably also wonder why development and test teams operate so blindly. When you more