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Storage & infrastructure @ InterConnect 2016: The choices are all yours

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If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend InterConnect in the past, you’ll agree that your week at the show will be full of choices. There will be some easy decisions–such as which airline you’ll choose to fly you out to Las Vegas, and which hotel you’ll book. But when it comes to the conference, the choices will require a bit more consideration.


  • Which of the 500+ plus client stories do I want to make sure hear about?
  • Of the over 2,000 technical sessions scheduled, which should I attend to enhance my skills?
  • With almost 25,000 expected attendees, who do I want to be sure I connect with?

Add in three general sessions, ten curriculum streams and five thought leadership sessions, and the choices for how to spend your time really add up.

Fortunately, for those with a keen interest in data, storage and compute, you’ll have plenty of options given the strong presence at InterConnect by IBM’s storage and software-defined infrastructure division.

Following the storage stream kickoff will be session #7221: Is Your Data Infrastructure Designed for Cloud, Analytics and Cognitive? Get Ready with IBM Storage. Bina Hallman, IBM Vice President VP, BLE Storwize/SVC and Dave Russell, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner will discuss the impact that new workloads and cloud adoption are having on storage infrastructure. Attendees will be able to select from over 25 storage and software-defined infrastructure breakout and engagement sessions. A small sampling of the one-hour breakout sessions include:

#4921 – Radical Storage Simplicity for Your Cloud and How it Can Impact Your Customers

#6523 – Time is of Essence When You Are a Cloud Service Provider

#2131 – Enabling Cloud Business with IBM FlashSystem

#6061 – Deploying Spark in a Production Cloud Environment: Opportunities, Challenges and Practical Solutions

#5663 – A Converged Software Defined Infrastructure for Diverse Workloads

#6524 – The Role of Tape in a Cloud-Based World – Economical and Secure Data Retention

#6525 – Taming Big Data in Cloud Infrastructures with IBM Spectrum Archive

#1272 – Learn How New IBM Spectrum Virtualize and Storwize Solutions Solve Cloud Challenges

#1273 – The New IBM DS8880 Family: Always-on Data at Cloud Speed

Highlights of the 20-minute engagement sessions include:

#5467 – My Data is Out of Control! Managing the Lifecycle of your Data with “Big Storage” Cloud Archive

#1841 – IBM Cloud Storage Options

#6285 – Data Management from the Cloud – Introduction to Storage Insights

And, finally if you want to hear directly from your peers on how they are transforming to deliver storage and infrastructure in the cloud era, must-see sessions featuring client speakers include:

#4749 – Welch’s Taps into Hybrid Cloud to Squeeze Value from Data

#7216 – Silverpop: Shifting a Global Application Services Business to Public Cloud

#4759 – Cloud Storage Success: Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprises Reveal Their Secrets.

You’ll also want to invest some time at Interconnect 2016 exploring solutions to the storage and infrastructure challenges your organization is grappling with. With 19 hours of Expo Hall time staffed by IBM technical experts, there’s no reason to go home with any unanswered questions. Representatives will be showcasing the latest solutions from IBM’s award-winning portfolio including all-flash and hybrid data systems, software-defined storage and compute, tape and integrated infrastructure solutions. And if you seek strategy and direction discussions, make sure to request 1:1’s with the IBM executives available at InterConnect.

With all of the options, why not get started with the session preview tool now. Take it from a repeat attendee like me, planning your week well before arrival in Vegas will ensure you’ll get the utmost from the show.

If you’re not already enrolled, register today.

And finally, don’t forget to decide to take in some evening entertainment on Wednesday night, Sir Elton John!
Whatever you decide to do at InterConnect 2016, be sure to enjoy the conference.

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