Six surprising facts about IBM Systems that every IT professional should know

Did you know that industry leaders in finance, travel and transportation, insurance, and retail have built their businesses on IT infrastructure from IBM Systems? More and more, infrastructure is playing a major role in driving business outcomes, and IBM Systems is helping IT leaders to be seen as a trusted service provider, enabling cognitive business.

Below are six interesting facts you might not have known about IBM Systems before.

  1. All of the top 25 worldwide banks; 23 of the top 25 US retailers; and the 10 largest insurance organizations use IBM z Systems.
    And, if you consider Fortune 500 companies, 71 percent of them locate their core business on the mainframe. That’s a lot of successful enterprises built on z Systems.
  2. Power Systems is a foundation for IBM Watson and cognitive computing.
    IBM Power Systems is an architecture-based server line built with open technologies. Cognitive capabilities were originally built on an earlier generation of POWER architecture running Linux and have been continually updated to take advantage of OpenPOWER innovation with POWER8 and accelerators. IBM Watson on Power is ushering in the cognitive era.
  3. IBM Software Defined Storage also enables cognitive computing.
    As with POWER architecture, IBM Storage is part of the foundation for Watson and cognitive. Low-cost, low-latency, easy-access storage from Platform Symphony, Watson Ingestion Service, Spectrum Scale and more all help to power the data services at the core of cognitive.
  4. The mainframe enabled the first ATM and many other industry transformations.
    Other innovations enabled by z Systems include the magnetic stripe in credit cards, the invention of the barcode and banking through mobile devices.
  5. IBM LinuxONE is capable of handling 30 billion web queries a day.
    IBM Research demos indicate compelling data on the speed, scale and security that LinuxONE systems can deliver. Open source: meet the enterprise.
  6. Power Systems is a space pioneer.
    The POWER processor is the chip selected for NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander as well as the Pathfinder, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity rovers.

Server and storage solutions from IBM have been a part of important IT infrastructure developments for over a hundred years, and they are continuing to be a foundation in the new cognitive era of business.

Stay tuned to In the Making for more insights on how infrastructure solutions are influencing businesses across industries and around the world. Read part two of this series here.