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Serving Wimbledon fans worldwide with IBM systems

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Not every tennis fan can attend Wimbledon in person, but The Championships’ partnership with IBM provide the next-best thing by delivering a highly immersive experience to fans worldwide—in near real time. IBM is improving the fan and media experience at the Wimbledon Fortnight this year using the same solutions that it uses to transform organizations all over the world: a hybrid cloud approach that enables cognitive computing.

Millions of fans worldwide visit the Wimbledon website and experience the event through digital devices. Wimbledon serves these fans through a combination of cloud, mobile and social technologies powered by IBM. Fans can track their favorite players, view statistics and performance analysis, and share insights via social media from their mobile devices—all while enjoying the match remotely or at courtside. These technologies also feed analysis and insight to commentators and media covering the event.

Cognitive computing lobs the right information to audiences

Audience interest in the back-and-forth of the game has its own patterns. Wimbledon’s website and social media team needs to make rapid decisions about which content to show based on audience interest. For 2016, IBM has created a new Cognitive Command Center using IBM Watson technology powered by IBM Systems to spot those patterns. The Cognitive Command Center takes in massive volumes of data in real time across multiple social media channels to automatically understand the audience’s interests and learn emerging topics of conversation related to Wimbledon. Using this analysis, the Wimbledon website and social media team can make decisions at the speed of thought.

Cloud delivery aces demand

For fans of the Wimbledon Fortnight, it’s all about being close to the action. Instant access through the cloud to a digital platform featuring video, scores, articles, interviews, and breaking tournament news can make any fan feel like they’re at the event. Wimbledon delivers all this content through IBM’s secure hybrid cloud infrastructure.

A key benefit of this setup is instant scalability. During The Championships, demand for digital content from Wimbledon can explode in just hours. A hybrid environment combining on-premises servers and IBM SoftLayer in the Cloud allows Wimbledon to scale efficiently in response to this demand while covering every point of every match without missing a beat.

IBM sets the baseline for the digital experience

Using cognitive analytics, data-centric architecture, and open technologies to master hybrid cloud, IBM helps Wimbledon deliver innovation and a rich tennis experience. From a business point of view, IBM helps extend the reach of The Championships by bringing it to remote fans far from courtside. These same technologies can help your organization attract and keep customers and enhance your competitive edge in today’s digital economy. Learn more by clicking here.

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