Scale your NAS capacity without friction – IBM Cloud Object Storage and Komprise

By | 2 minute read | May 24, 2018

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Customers repeatedly tell us that scaling storage capacity within tight budgets is a growing challenge, especially as data continues to grow exponentially in nearly every industry.

But, until now, scaling your storage capacity without paying a fortune has been extremely hard.


  • Driving blind with data: Data is often trapped in different NAS storage silos.  Although IT manages the data, they are not typically the data owners, and it has not been easy for IT to get a single view of data across storage.  IT is often making critical storage capacity planning decisions in the dark – without actual analytics into how data is growing and being used.
  • Cannot disrupt users and applications: Object storage solutions provide seamless scaling of capacity at a fraction of the cost, but how can you tie object storage in with your current NAS environment without having to disrupt your users and applications, which are all file-based, and without having to get them to go elsewhere?
  • Cannot get locked in: How can you mix and match NAS solutions ( flash storage and object storage included), and cloud options that are best for your business without being locked in to your primary storage?

Komprise Intelligent Data Management and IBM Cloud Object Storage provide a simple, frictionless solution for you to scale your NAS capacity and leverage your existing storage investment while lowering your overall costs.  IBM is now reselling Komprise, so you can get the scaling and efficiency of the market-leading object storage along with easy, affordable data management – all from IBM.

  • Data analytics across your NAS: Simply download the Komprise Observer virtual appliance, point it at all of your NAS storage (any NFS, SMB/CIFS storage including NetApp, EMC Isilon, Windows File Servers) and within minutes, Komprise shows you how much data you have, how much is hot, how much is cold, and how the data is growing.  You get to play with different policies on when cold data is archived to IBM COS, whether you want a lower cost DR copy on IBM COS, and more. Based on your policies, Komprise projects how much you will save.
  • Transparent archiving with no user or application disruption: Once you are ready, you simply activate your plan in Komprise, and it starts moving and copying data based on your policies from your NAS to IBM COS. The best part is that even though data is now sitting as objects on IBM COS, it is fully accessible as files with the same permissions and metadata from the source NAS.  So, the moved data is fully accessible exactly as before for users and applications.
  • Access your data from anywhere without lock-in: Data archived by Komprise is fully accessible from your source NAS even when it resides on IBM COS.  The data is also directly accessible from IBM COS.  You get the cost-efficiency and scale of object storage without any disruption to existing file-based users and applications. And, you get to leverage the power of object storage in the future without being locked in to your source storage.

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