SaaS offering for storage and device management

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Storage and device management (SDM) software is largely invisible outside the IT department, but it is vital for running data-intensive applications. SDM software can be instrumental in diagnosing data performance issues in complex environments. And rapid data growth increases the importance of SDM.

My market research for IDC estimated that the SDM software market brought in $2.7 billion dollars of vendor revenue in 2015.[ref]IDC Worldwide Quarterly Storage Software Qview, 2015Q4. IDC defines storage and device management as software that includes both lower-level device and element management software and homogeneous and heterogeneous storage management functions for tasks such as provisioning, reporting, monitoring and high-level troubleshooting.[/ref] Top storage system vendors (EMC, NetApp, IBM and Hitachi) had over 75 percent of the SDM software market share in 2015. Within the total storage software market, public cloud services/SaaS revenue was up by 8.7 percent in 2015, but very few vendors have set foot in the SaaS SDM space. My research indicates there are two main vendor barriers:

  • The scope of the SDM problem can be complex.
  • SDM software has a high attachment rate to storage systems.

So, I wanted to find out more about a SaaS offering from the IBM SDM portfolio, Spectrum Control Storage Insights. IBM has been a major player in the SDM market. It offers Virtual Storage Center (VSC) for virtualized SAN environments and standalone Spectrum Control for other environments as its on-premises SDM solutions. SDM is a matured market. It was fun to explore an offering with a new deployment type in this space.

IBM’s SaaS product is designed from the ground up, with IBM Design Thinking and agile development processes. The SaaS model simplifies deployment and makes it easier to manage storage environments and bring down IT budgets. Currently this product only supports IBM storage systems, but IBM has disclosed plans to support third-party storage platforms. It will be interesting to see a heterogeneous SaaS-based SDM offering from IBM.

To learn more about this SaaS offering for storage and device management software read my IDC Flash: IBM Adds SaaS Offering to Its Storage and Device Management Portfolio.

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