Redefining the future with the IBM mainframe

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A few weeks ago, Beatles fans celebrated the week in February 1964 when the Fab Four and founders of a new era of pop culture arrived in America. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think of the IBM mainframe, which also got its start in 1964, as a similar game-changer and founder of a new era of innovation and computing. The Beatles are long gone, while the mainframe—an amazing story of technological longevity and constant reinvention—remains as vital as ever.

The mainframe—the IBM zEnterprise System—keeps moving forward.

It’s part of IBM’s DNA to constantly invest in the mainframe and strengthen its legendary ability to reliably and securely handle huge volumes of transactions. That’s why, as this great video explains, 92 percent of the top 100 global banks, nearly every credit card transaction and 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on the IBM mainframe.

It’s why the mainframe is seeing new sales in emerging markets such as Africa, where governments and businesses in Cameroon, Namibia and Senegal have purchased mainframes the last couple of years. And it’s also why we keep expanding our academic initiative so that well over 1,000 universities in 70 countries around the world are teaching mainframe skills.

Much like a zEnterprise server never goes down (there’s a reason why 80 percent of the world’s data resides on or originates with an IBM mainframe), the constant innovation that makes the mainframe such an engine of progress never stops revving.

True to form throughout the mainframe’s history, IBM has brought new innovations to the platform to meet the challenges of a changing market. As a result, zEnterprise is beautifully positioned as a rock-solid, secure platform for real-time analytics and as an enterprise cloud for efficiently running multiple critical applications.

Yet again spotlighting the strategic role that the mainframe continues to play in today’s changing market, today we’re announcing four new offerings:

  • A New IBM Wave for z/VM: We’re excited to make CSL-WAVE software part of the IBM zEnterprise System portfolio. CSL International, acquired by IBM last year, is a leading provider of virtualization management technology for zEnterprise. With this technology now in the portfolio, we can offer clients deeper consolidation and cloud capabilities by offering simplified management of the virtualization environment.
  • An Updated IBM Enterprise Linux Server: Linux on zEnterprise is the best and most efficient cloud platform. We’re introducing a new and enhanced IBM Enterprise Linux Server that incorporates CSL-WAVE’s simplified virtualization management to provide an even more powerful, cost effective and secure Linux foundation on the mainframe.
  • A New IBM Wave for z/VM Jumpstart Services For zEnterprise: This offering helps new clients take advantage of the mainframe’s capabilities by providing tailored planning, installation and usage assistance from IBM Systems Lab Services.
  • A New IBM System z Solution for Mobile Computing: This new offering will help clients quickly build, extend and secure enterprise mobile applications and services on IBM zEnterprise at competitive costs.

The announcement of these new offerings highlights the kinds of new innovations that we expect will keep the mainframe vital well into the future.

All year long—and especially on April 8, which IBM has designated as the official mainframe celebration day (System/360 was introduced on April 7, 1964)—we’ll focus on the breakthroughs in business, industry and society that are driven by the mainframe today and the important role it will continue to play in the future.

I look forward to sharing in the excitement with you. To learn more, please check out the mainframe’s 50 years.

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