Power Systems and FlashSystem accelerate cognitive business

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Cloud computing, big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and social systems of engagement, artificial intelligence and cognitive systems – these are 21st century applications, workloads and use cases that demand processor and storage performance beyond what traditional systems were ever designed to provide.

Enterprises that look to be leaders in the new cognitive era are turning to a combination of IBM technologies designed specifically to help transform the explosion of data into business value and competitive advantage. IBM Power Systems and IBM FlashSystem all-flash storage arrays are purpose-engineered to provide the CPU speed, bandwidth, microsecond latency and reliability needed to power the cognitive business. Deploying IBM Power Systems and IBM FlashSystem-based infrastructure solutions can help leading businesses make faster decisions, dig deeper into customer and market trends and derive more value from data assets.

Power Systems is designed specifically to optimize business value from today’s cloud and big data workloads. These servers provide optimized performance and cost advantages when deployed with FlashSystem storage. The FlashSystem family is a suite of enterprise-class high-performance storage platforms ideal for delivering the ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, fast transaction rates, cost efficiencies and enterprise reliability needed to power mission-critical applications, high velocity databases and real-time big data analytics.

Benefitting across all industries

Customers with use cases as diverse as financial services, healthcare, cognitive cyber security, NoSQL data stores and SAP HANA are all benefiting from IBM Power Systems and FlashSystem storage. The new Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) offered by IBM Power Systems is specially designed for in-memory applications such as NoSQL data stores and high-speed big data analytics. CAPI cuts through many of the layers required in traditional x86 I/O designs. It reduces latency even beyond the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) interfaces used in traditional servers, and when used to connect Power Systems servers with IBM FlashSystem storage, the solution can provide lightning-fast processing for financial, scientific and high-velocity analytics workloads.

Finding a competitive advantage

Solution provider Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) continually adapts and enhances their PB360TM billing solution software to help insurance carriers gain and maintain competitive advantage. The test results were clear: the POWER8/FlashSystem configuration reduced invoice processing time by 20 percent to 66 percent compared to x86 servers with disk/SSD storage. Daily report processing time showed 85 percent faster performance. With these levels of performance and efficiency gains insurance carriers can increase revenue and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

The Power System/FlashSystem architecture continued to scale linearly for the most massive workloads tested. This means that the largest insurance carriers can rely on scaling IBM FlashSystem and IBM Power Systems infrastructure to meet their most extreme requirements.

An array of talent from IBM

An IBM FlashSystem array was used for the PB360 performance testing by IBM and CSC, but FlashSystem is not the only all-flash option available from IBM. In fact, FlashSystem is only one of the bright spots in a broad IBM storage ecosystem vision that includes all-flash solutions for every active data workload. The IBM Storwize family offers all-flash systems for entry-level and mid-range workloads, while at the other end of the scale, the IBM DS8880 family has all-flash configurations designed to support mainframe and other business-critical environments where very high availability is required. And DeepFlash 150 provides a great solution for large unstructured data sets such as streaming video where performance must go hand in hand with the lowest possible cost.

Cognitive businesses need speed because their 21st century customers won’t wait. Whether they are handling online customers by the hundreds of thousands or sifting through millions of IoT data points to handle cyber attacks, enterprises looking to gain competitive advantage are turning to IT infrastructure powered by IBM FlashSystem and IBM Power Systems.

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