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Power Systems Academic Initiative soars to 550 schools

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The Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI) has soared to new heights with over 550 colleges and universities now participating in the program. What’s the big deal, you might be asking? For IBM clients around the world, it means they will be able to hire from a broader field of talented graduates with IBM Power Systems skills and expertise.

For the past 20 years, the PSAI has provided educators with training materials, hardware, software and a North America entry-level job board — all needed to teach in-demand technology skills and place students in internships and jobs. By introducing real-world technology into the classroom, the PSAI gives students the hands-on experience valued by employers in today’s marketplace. To get involved, faculty can:

  • Teach IBM Power Systems skills in the classroom or online
  • Access the Power Systems Academic Cloud for instruction or research
  • Add PSAI course materials to their existing curriculum
  • Create a Power Systems related course or program for their college or university

Valuable resources for educators

PSAI educational offerings include IBM Power Systems courses covering IBM i, AIX and Linux operations and administration. These course materials can be easily integrated into any curriculum or program at a college to teach a variety of concepts. In fact, PSAI courseware has enabled colleges and universities worldwide to successfully enhance their computer science, business or information systems programs, resulting in students that are in high demand by IBM clients. In addition, the Power Systems Academic Cloud is available to college faculty for research and teaching purposes and contains Power Systems that run IBM i, Linux and AIX. Best of all, these materials are available at no charge to participating faculty and schools.

PSAI courses and the academic cloud are available at OnTheHub. Scroll to the Power Systems section and view the resources by clicking on the Courses and Cloud Access icons.

Join the PSAI 550 today!

The PSAI welcomes colleges and universities to the program every day! Visit the PSAI website for more information or send us an email.

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