Celebrating our Engines of Progress and the mainframe


Today, we are announcing IBM Mainframe50 Engines of Progress, breakthrough stories of business, industry and societal innovation that are driven by or based on the mainframe. They demonstrate how clients working with the IBM System z drives progress to overcome unsolved problems, conquer grand challenges and enable mission critical initiatives. Tomorrow at the New York ...read more

Survivor, Harry Potter and the mainframe: The 2000s


The hit TV show Survivor was a great metaphor for the IT industry of the 2000s; no matter how hard the pack maneuvered to get the mainframe kicked off “the island,” it weathered all attacks and didn’t just survive—it thrived. This year I’ve been reflecting on my 30-year career with IBM as my way of ...read more

The elephant on the mainframe


Just about anyone who has an interest in big data is likely familiar with the cute little yellow elephant logo of the Apache Hadoop project. Last month, while attending the System z Information Management Boot Camp event in San Jose (a week of intensive training for IBMers and IBM Business Partners), I became convinced that ...read more

Tamagotchis, Agent Smith and the mainframe: The late 1990s


Did your kids ever own Tamagotchis? Mine did, and I must say I’d never before seen an electronic gadget that required so much maintenance! Unlike Tamogotchis, mainframes require very little maintenance at all—one of the reasons that likely explains why, as the 1990s rolled in, they were still thriving. This is the latest in a ...read more

Redefining the future with the IBM mainframe


A few weeks ago, Beatles fans celebrated the week in February 1964 when the Fab Four and founders of a new era of pop culture arrived in America. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think of the IBM mainframe, which also got its start in 1964, as a similar game-changer and founder of a new era ...read more

PureApplication Service on SoftLayer: The missing link that completes the cloud puzzle

“The missing link to the puzzle must be PureApplication Service on SoftLayer! I figured it out!” What I just heard here at Pulse Conference is the announcement of PureApplication Service on SoftLayer (Beta) and that is music to my ears. I am sure it’s a harmonious symphony for IT executives (CIOs, CTOs) in companies across ...read more

Pogs, Forrest Gump and the mainframe: The early 1990s


In the early 1990s just about every child in America knew how to play pogs, but by mid-decade, the rage had all but flamed out. Fads come and go, but quality—like the mainframe—endures. As the 1980s transitioned to the 1990s and my career entered its second decade (if you’ve joined my narrative mid-stream, click here ...read more

Video Chat: Accelerating DevOps through PaaS in the cloud and Expert Integrated Systems

During our Google+ Hangout on Feb. 12, 2014, our moderator James Governor, an industry analyst at Redmonk, led a panel of DevOps experts in a discussion around the drivers, opportunities and challenges of accelerating DevOps through PaaS in the Cloud. Check out a few of the highlights as well as the complete video below. Or ...read more

Pac-Man, Ferris Bueller and the mainframe: The late 1980s


I remember when you could walk into a bar, settle down in front of a huge Pac-Man (or Asteroids, or Space Invaders) arcade game and run through a whole stack of quarters chasing blips across a screen.  Although I can’t say that time in front of a Pac-Man game necessarily made me a better programmer, ...read more