3 key IT infrastructure requirements for big data and analytics

Big data & analytics

Data has the power to transform business decisions, enhance customer relationships and create new opportunities, but only if you can trust it and make sense of it in a timely fashion. Acting swiftly to capitalize on new opportunities requires an IT infrastructure that is resilient, responsive to changing demands and able to deliver real-time insights. ...read more

The world has changed: Why hasn’t your view of IT?


My generation grew up in a world where the institutions with which we interacted held all the cards. We were told what we wanted, how we could get it and how much it would cost. And if we weren’t happy, well, there really wasn’t any great mechanism for expressing that. From a business perspective, offers ...read more

The elephant on the mainframe is getting bigger!


Back in March I wrote this blog post about the value of Apache Hadoop on the mainframe and how our IBM Business Partner Veristorm had made Hadoop on the mainframe a solid reality. On October 7, I was very excited to be part of some new announcements in this space that were made at the ...read more

zEC12 Delivers New Value and Caters to New Workloads & Markets


The IBM mainframe has served as the foundation of IT for some of the largest and most influential companies around the world for nearly 50 years. But, the IBM zEnterprise systems that are supporting Fortune 500 banks, retailers, telecommunications and other companies today are a vast departure from the IBM mainframes of the 1960s. Having ...read more

Throughput and Agility – Why it matters to your business

Software-defined computing, System software

Businesses around the globe are continually seeking the competitive edge, utilizing every advantage available to them. High Performance Computing (HPC) and the ability to streamline business processes while maintaining critical deadlines via effective workload management are key elements to success in most large scale business, research, and development strategies. ...read more

The surprising differences between IBM PureApplication and IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Sure. Differences exist between IBM PureApplication and IBM Cloud Orchestrator. But truthfully, I find they are much more complimentary and used together than clients may realize. IBM Cloud Orchestrator provides cloud management capabilities allowing the speed-up service delivery of IT services. Since it is based on open standards, it lets you manage heterogeneous public, private ...read more

Did you know you can cut costs by better managing your data transfers?

Software-defined computing, System software

Are you transferring data efficiently? Or is valuable computing power sitting idle in your clustered environment, waiting for files to be moved back and forth—and costing you money? For many organizations, critical workloads often take longer than necessary and use more resources than needed because the right data is not in the right location at the right time. ...read more

Mobility made possible with the mainframe


Mobile technologies are enabling every business, every government, and every individual toward better engagement.  It makes our lives easier.  We use it to look up our bank balances, shop, navigate to our next destination, and to communicate.  To quote Tinashe Ruzane, Head of Business Development and Special Projects, Awethu Project in Africa, “Mobile is it. ...read more

Think parking in the city is expensive? Try maintaining a data center!


Nothing comes cheap in a major population center. The costs of space and power—the two essential elements of any data center—can break a company’s desire to locate or expand anywhere close to a big city if its business model relies on plentiful, affordable computing capacity. Around five years ago, Dave Crocker, chairman and CEO of ...read more