Open PaaS – hybrid cloud on IBM PureApplication

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Looking at the evolution of IBM PureApplication from 2012 to 2016, PureApplication has a bright future. With hundreds of units sold and three versions available (System, Service on SoftLayer and Software), the PureApplication platform has made its way into the IBM cloud management portfolio. Now, the future is more promising than ever.

PureApplication is becoming more open

PureApplication can already be used to deploy IBM patterns and open patterns using the IBM pattern engine. With the announcement at InterConnect 2016, open pattern support will be extended. IBM Blue Box Local installed on the PureApplication System will bring full OpenStack support and compatibility using the OpenStack Heat Orchestration engine, so that clients have the choice to deploy patterns using the IBM pattern engine or the OpenStack HEAT orchestration engine, or both. In summary, PureApplication can be used to deploy almost every software pattern available on the market running on Linux, Windows or AIX. For available patterns, visit the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

PureApplication is becoming more ”blue”

Hybrid platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) are all around. PureApplication has evolved to support the on-premises PaaS platform running IBM Blue Box Local and IBM Bluemix Local. With traditional, enterprise-grade, monolithic applications or micro-services – you don’t need to worry, because the PureApplication system can work with all of them – on-premises, integrated, secured and open.

PureApplication features more “hybrid” capabilities

PureApplication Service deploys applications both on and off premises, using the same patterns. Now, hybrid PaaS capabilities are extended even further. With Bluemix Local and IBM Bluemix Dedicated, micro-service based PaaS can be deployed on a hybrid platform. With PureApplication System and PureApplication Service, enterprise-grade PaaS can be deployed on a hybrid platform. In total, the best of both worlds, monolithic and micro-services are combined by – you got it – PureApplication. If you happen to manage a Microsoft Windows Server-based private cloud, or need to deploy applications off-premises on Microsoft Azure, PureApplication Software is the tool of choice. PureApplication Software can deploy IBM patterns running Microsoft Server 2008 R2 or 2012 R2 and Microsoft Applications either on your private cloud or to Microsoft Azure off-premises.

PureApplication is covering 360 degrees of the cloud management lifecycle

Wherever you are on your journey to cloud, PureApplication can run and integrate with the right tools. In the beginning of the cloud management lifecycle, clients need to have a service catalog, workflow orchestration and service management available. IBM Cloud Orchestrator is a cloud service management tool that clients can integrate to, or run on PureApplication to provide these important service management tasks.

ember1, PureApplication System

In the deployment phase, PureApplication can offer infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and PaaS with all types of patterns for x86 and POWER-based workloads. And finally, on the edge between development and operations (DevOps), PureApplication can run UrbanCode Deploy to offer clients continuous integration and deployment of their applications and movement of the right artifacts to the right stages in the DevOps lifecycle. IBM Cloud Orchestrator, PureApplication and UrbanCode Deploy are three cloud ingredients that taste great together.

So, wherever your cloud journey starts, or however your cloud journey will continue, PureApplication has it all, can do it all, deploys it all and integrates with them all. To experience the benefits of accelerated application delivery with PureApplication, try the 30-day trial.

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