New content to maximize your IBM Z investment, May 2019

By | 3 minute read | April 30, 2019

Risks are inherent in any IT environment. Your challenge is to minimize that risk and build a cloud strategy that ensures resiliency, reliability and security to protect your business and customers. Your use of IBM Z secured infrastructure within your cloud strategy can help drive the transformation that you need to stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals.

We have produced several types of knowledge-sharing tools for your use and reference this spring, listed and explained below. These tools will help you design a successful cloud strategy, including your IBM Z platform, to protect your business and your customers.

“Traditional partial encryption methods are no match for today’s rapidly changing, complex regulatory and threat environment.”

 – Solitaire Interglobal Ltd, Pervasive Encryption: A New Paradigm for Protection (IBM-sponsored report)

This content covers the following important topics to help navigate the use of IBM Z to solve and stay ahead of today’s challenges:

  • Your Z platform as part of your complete cloud strategy
  • Pervasive encryption should be a digital transformation focus as complexity, risk and the speed of business outmatch traditional security methods
  • DevSecOps can provide advantages and efficiencies for your development team and your customers.

These are a few of the topics addressed in the content below. If you would like further information on any topics, visit us at one of our events and continue the conversation.

Sharpen your knowledge

Cloud content

Forrester, December 21, 2018, Lauren E. Nelson, Chris Gardner

  • This IDC Perspective provides a rare look into the roadmap of IBM Z, including the focus of IBM’s investment and resources over the upcoming decade and beyond, and the benefits of that investment to customers.

The Next Frontier of the Mainframe, February 2019, Peter Rutten

Find out how to optimize IBM Z as a hybrid cloud platform, and use hybrid cloud to drive your digital transformation in Secure Hybrid Cloud for Dummies, an IBM-sponsored e-book by Judith Hurwitz and Daniel Kirsch.

Pervasive encryption content

Solitaire Interglobal, Ltd., 2017

DevSecOps content

Systems Magazine, Inc., January 2019, Kristin Lewotsky

And tune in to these videos for visual descriptions of the capabilities and benefits of IBM Z and the topics of security, hybrid cloud, DevOps, ICP and analytics.

Use cases

Find out how customers like you are using, and benefitting from, IBM Z today.

  • Datev, a cooperative IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers, uses IBM Z to deliver software more quickly and securely to their customers, improve performance, and address more flexible scenarios.
  • Wustenrot, a leading financial services provider in Austria, reduced development costs and enabled developers to build slick, user-friendly web and mobile apps with IBM Z.

“IBM Z has been our strategic platform for core business processes for many years. It is great to see that the platform is continuously evolving. New technologies and offerings like IBM z/OS Connect and Container Pricing enable us to build state-of-the-art web and mobile apps with modern tools like Angular, a powerful JavaScript framework we use to create cutting-edge user experiences. We’re confident that IBM Z will remain at the heart of our IT for many more years to come.”

 – Wustenrot

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