Network-attached storage is dead – here comes modern file storage

By | 2 minute read | May 6, 2019

Is network-attached storage (NAS) really dead or dying? Not exactly, but file storage is being transformed very quickly as more modern file options are being optimized for larger repositories of data and more efficient and scalable file storage solutions.

If you have ever managed or tried to expand a growing traditional file-based NAS, then you can relate to the problems that traditional scale-up single attached NAS can create. Current market trends show that changes are occurring and traditional NAS has seen better days. IDC estimates that scale-up file storage is shrinking and expected to decline 5.0 percent CAGR for 2017-20221.

File storage can start out very cheap and economical, but unstructured file storage is still growing very fast. The problem is that managing duplicate copies of files and balancing backend storage and tuning controller nodes becomes a challenge and the NAS can become complex and expensive very fast. Customers need a solution built for scale for modern applications and workloads with secure remote access to data.

IBM is focused on helping customers modernize file-based environments and help customers prepare for and utilize more modern workloads like AI and analytics and remote collaboration and file access.

IBM recently increased its partnership with Panzura and their Panzura Freedom™ software. Panzura Freedom is an intelligent hybrid cloud storage solution that consolidates storage, replaces legacy NAS, and enables real-time, global collaboration without limits. Panzura software has been validated with IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) and can now be sold directly by IBM and partners to create a solution that is optimized for file access with the scalability and cost efficiency of an IBM COS solution.

nfs/smb file access with panzura and ibm cloud object storage

The combination of Panzura and IBM COS on premises is an enterprise solution enabling the consolidation of file data into a single source of truth without sacrificing performance and eliminating the need for application rewrite.

IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) is an industry-leading cost-effective storage platform for cloud native accessibility and secondary storage efficiency.  Storage solutions can start with only TBs of storage and grow online to exabyte scalability with mixed configurations and no forklift upgrades, enabling investment protection and long-term cost savings.

Applications can access storage from any location using geo-dispersed protection and efficiency and concurrent and secure cloud native accessibility. Using a patented technology, data is encrypted in flight and at rest with automated or customer-provided keys to protect against physical breaches.

Data remains available with exabyte scale that is easy to manage without replication, complex upgrades or complex expansions.  With over 800 technology patents driving innovation, our architecture is designed for customers demanding workloads today and a foundation for the growing requirements of modern applications in the future. IBM Cloud Object Storage is turning storage challenges into business value.

For more information on Panzura and IBM Cloud Object Storage solution visit here.

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