Netcool’s network health dashboard at Cisco Live!

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If you plan on attending Cisco Live Las Vegas next week, please drop by IBM Booth #1536 to learn about the latest Netcool innovations in the area of cognitive operations and analytics, including the opportunity to see a demo of our analytics capability. I will also be giving a talk at IBM Booth #1536 titled “Netcool Solutions with Cognitive Analytics”.

Netcool has a long, honorable history of integrating with a myriad of different devices for our telecommunications and enterprise clients. These customers depend on our ability to collect, correlate and analyze different types of network data as a critical part of their daily operations. Netcool’s recent innovation in the fields of cognitive and analytics is now applied by clients to these data sources and used to make more effective decisions to ensure the delivery of a quality network service.

netcool dashboard

Network health dashboard

Another aspect of effective operations is the ability to observe all of the key data metrics in the same place. With the release of Netcool Operations Insight 1.4, the network health dashboard can facilitate that observation of key network metrics. These include network availability, actionable events, performance KPIs (like worst-case performers), network configuration change timelines and configuration change history.  These are all available in a single dashboard to give the overall real-time health of the network. The network health dashboard also facilitates the segmentation of dashboard views in accordance with customer preferences around geography, service and customer groupings.

The Netcool Operations Insight network health dashboard has received a positive reception from our clients. For example, here is some feedback from our European clients:

“Really like the fact that you ‘got it all’ in one place.”

“From an integration perspective, it is quite nice to have the ability to fully customize the dashboards, like changing the arrangement and adding different widgets.”

“Really good to be able to off, develop your own widgets, fully integrated into a dashboard, reacting on certain events and changing their content on user interaction.“

“Delighted that there is no Java anymore, which caused them some trouble in the past.”

The network health dashboard is an important addition to the Netcool offering that can ensure successful operations with up-to-date visibility of the health of the network and rapid resolution of network issues.

Stop by booth #1536. See you at Cisco Live and you won’t be disappointed with our new demo! Hope to see you next week!

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