Must-see sessions on hybrid cloud at InterConnect 2016

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For IT leaders to continue being viewed as the trusted service provider for their business, they need to master hybrid cloud. They need to leverage hybrid cloud to deliver greater speed, insights and predictability of services, and achieving these goals means evolving the IT infrastructure.

You can learn to make the most of hybrid cloud from industry experts and IBM clients with successful deployments by attending the IBM InterConnect 2016 conference in Las Vegas. Our IBM Systems team is sponsoring sessions on hybrid integration and other topics at this hugely popular conference coming up February 21-25.

IBM Systems provides a comprehensive suite of solutions spanning servers, storage and middleware to help you with your integration journey. Our technologies help you drive greater proficiency in APIs, scalability and security to help you master hybrid cloud. We’ll have four different tracks on hybrid integration where you can learn how to extend your existing IT infrastructure for mobile, cloud and software as a service:

API management and gateways
From new architectures fostering innovation and agility to significant new revenue streams, application programming interfaces (APIs) provide you with a unique opportunity to transform your business. Take control of your APIs and ensure every transaction is secure. Join us for use cases and best practices from organizations that are leading the API revolution.

  • HAM-3391: API Management at a Major French Retail Company
  • HIA-4984: APIs and Microservices: How Do They Fit with Your Evolving Integration Architecture?
  • HAM-3663: Accelerating API Managment with StrongLoop, APIM and z/OS Connect for Enterprise Systems
  • HAM-1760: Advanced IBM API Management Use Cases
  • CCD-4360: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Uses Hybrid BlueMix and API Management Patterns to Reduce Time-to-Market
  • HAM-5356: Building Comprehensive API Management Deployment Topologies Using IBM API Management
  • CSD-6455: Building Hybrid Cloud Apps with Microservices and API Management
  • HAM-1032: Combining the Power of IBM API Management and IBM Integration Bus
  • HAM-3813: Customizing Gateway Behavior with Policies
  • HAM-4956: Customizing the IBM API Management Developer Portal
  • MNB-3454: Digital Innovations at Tangerine Bank
  • PLT-7081: Discover InterConnect: Drive Digital Transformation with Solutions Most Critical to Your Business
  • PCM-4169: Drive Your Enterprise Digital Transformation with an API-Led Strategy
  • BPD-7091: Financial Benefits of Selling into the API Economy
  • HAM-5418: How To Execute API Management Efforts From Requirements to Go-Live, Featuring RBL Bank
  • TAP-1767: API Economy and API Management: Why is Everyone So Excited?

B2B integration and file transfer

Synchronizing your value chain requires effective multi-enterprise integration capabilities. Learn how these solutions can help you synchronize critical information flows with partners, suppliers, banks and customers while increasing the security, reliability, speed and governance of your multi-enterprise business processes.

  • HBB-5334: Business-to-Business Integration Portfolio Capabilities Overview
  • HBB-5508: How Business/IT Alignment Enables Enterprise Holdings to Successfully Leverage Its B2B Platform
  • HBB-4212: How CDW is Taking B2B Commerce to the Next Level with IBM B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer
  • HBB-4448: How Enterprises Innovate and Generate New Revenue through B2B Integration via the Cloud
  • HBB-5892: How GameStop Addressed the Challenges of Comprehensive Data Integration Across the Enterprise
  • HBB-4129: How Home Depot Drives an Equal and Seamless Approach to All Business Partners with B2B Integration
  • CBA-4129: How Home Depot Drives an Equal and Seamless Approach to All Business Partners with B2B Integration
  • HBB-4666: How Southwire Turns Lost Discounts into $5 Million Per Year in Savings in the Cloud
  • HBB-5001: Johnson & Johnson: A B2B Integration Success Story
  • HIA-3439: Lessons Learned from Delivering a Modernized B2B and EAI Platform at Dupont
  • HBB-5097: Strategy and Roadmap for IBM B2B Integration Offerings on the Cloud

Integrating across the enterprise

The technology that businesses rely on is diverse, from enterprise systems and packaged applications to cloud-based services. Ensuring this technology is properly integrated is critical to business success. Join us to hear best practices on integration from successful clients and learn how the latest technology will transform how you see integration.

  • PLT-7081: Discover InterConnect: Drive Digital Transformation with Solutions Most Critical to Your Business
  • HYI-7080: Hybrid Integration: Extending Your Existing IT Infrastructure for Mobile, Cloud and Software
  • HIA-3333: Hybrid Integrations Made Simple

Hybrid messaging

A great application doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t get the right information to the right people. Learn why messaging is essential and see how it makes cloud and mobile real for your business.

  • HHM-2941: How IBM MQ Advanced Can Extend Your Hybrid Messaging Deployment Options
  • HHM-3481: IBM MQ for z/OS: Enhancing Application and Messaging Connectivity in a Hybrid World
  • HHM-3537: Monitoring and Managing Hybrid Messaging Environments

These sessions are part of a comprehensive program that includes keynotes, thought leadership sessions, breakouts, panels and our IBM Systems booth on the Expo floor—not to mention star-studded entertainment in the evenings. Over 24,000 people are expected to attend, giving you plenty of networking opportunities. For more information or to register for the conference, just visit us here.

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas! And if you can’t make it, we invite you to watch at home with IBMGo or follow us on Twitter: @IBM_APIeconomy.


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