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By | 3 minute read | March 11, 2019

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Business leaders with enterprises of all sizes have similar aspirations– they want to thrive in a 21st century business environment. To do this, they must leverage the power of technology, including big data and real-time analytics, multicloud architectures, blockchain technologies and certainly artificial intelligence (AI).

blockchain storage solutionsTake AI for example: The majority of business technology decision-makers have already implemented AI in some form to increase revenue streams and enhance competitiveness–or are planning to do so in the near future.[1] But to achieve acceptable levels of insight and accuracy, analytics and AI applications consume enormous amounts of data.[2] Autonomous driving (AD) offers an excellent example. The one thing AD initiatives all have in common is data–miles and miles of it–sensor data, weather data, satellite data, behavioral and other personal data, diagnostic data and more. Each connected car generates anywhere from a few megabytes to gigabytes of data per day. And when the car is a test vehicle used to train AI/AD models, data volumes can reach terabytes per car per day and hundreds of exabytes across entire AD initiatives.

Blockchain offers another example of an exciting new technology that leaders are exploring and adopting. But because of the extreme growth rates in blockchain implementations, and the challenges of coordinating off-chain and on-chain systems, the underlying IT infrastructure supporting blockchain implementations must provide high levels of security, availability, system performance and scalability.

The truth is, leveraging the power of AI and blockchain, along with many other 21st century technologies, requires a modern IT infrastructure with wide-ranging capabilities, from intelligent system optimization and powerful data reduction, through comprehensive security and encryption features to multicloud architectures and ultra-low latency flash storage.

IBM Storage understands business needs, especially those focused on cost-efficient, proven solutions. For instance, IBM’s award-winning Storwize array family includes entry systems that deliver enterprise-class functionality coupled with mission-critical “six nines” availability. But Storwize is only a small part of the IBM Storage story; thanks to their inherent easy-to-consume, easy-to-deploy, cost-efficient characteristics, the entire IBM Spectrum Storage family of software-defined storage solutions provides your organization many powerful advantages.

For example, IBM Storage already incorporates AI functionality and capabilities into all our storage solutions. With the deployment of every IBM Storage system, you gain automatic access to cloud-based, AI-enhanced IBM Storage Insights, which offers monitoring, analysis, system optimization and streamlined support. IBM Spectrum Virtualize and IBM Spectrum Scale Solutions, among others, include AI-powered features, such as IBM’s the automated storage tiering technology – Easy Tier. And recently, IBM announced a new Storage Solution for Data Analysis designed to provide blueprints for the infrastructure elements needed to effectively deploy and support AI applications.

blockchain storage solutionsBlockchain enablement from IBM Storage is moving along similar trajectories. IBM recently announced IBM Storage Solution for Blockchain, which eliminates complexity and risk from blockchain implementations, making this technology even more accessible and attractive.

AI and blockchain are simply two of the newest technologies stealing attention recently, but that doesn’t mean we have slowed our pace of innovation in other important areas. Recently, IBM Storage announced new solutions for everything from private clouds to object storage. And you can be certain that innovation from IBM Storage to achieve greater cost efficiency and lower risk for businesses of all sizes will continue, and perhaps even accelerate.

Expanding public cloud choices, making Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology more affordable, making consistent low latency more accessible, and yes, adding even more AI-enhanced features and capabilities. Expect this, and much more, from IBM Storage in the weeks ahead.

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