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Mobile enterprise development: An end-to-end solution

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The move to mobile has been one of the more rapid changes in technology. A few years ago, mobile was a small part of a business strategy. Now, for most companies, mobile is becoming the strategy.

The smartphones we’re all constantly checking have made mobile applications an increasingly important way for businesses to reach their customers, employees and business partners. More than 70 percent of CIOs expect mobile solutions to revolutionize their businesses, according to the latest Global C-Suite Study by the IBM Institute for Business Value. This shift in consumer behavior has made mobile a top priority for companies and their developers.

The developer community was closely watching when Swift 3.0, an open-source language largely built for mobile, was released last month. Created just two years ago, Swift already ranks among the top 20 programming languages in the RedMonk Rankings.

Applications, data and security

Swift 3.0 is the first general availability release since Swift became an open source language, and it includes a long list of major improvements. IBM has been a strong backer of Swift, and development of Swift 3.0 applications are supported on both the IBM Bluemix cloud platform and IBM LinuxONE, a system that’s specifically engineered for data and provides the industry’s highest levels of security.

Swift support on Bluemix and LinuxONE helps deliver powerful and flexible options for true end-to-end development. Developers can create an entire application in Swift and use a fit-for-purpose approach to run all or parts of the code on the platform that works best — whether that’s in the public cloud with Bluemix or a private cloud with LinuxONE.

This support opens new opportunities for developing mobile applications that are truly ready for the enterprise, where customers expect sub-second response times and secure handling of their personal information.

Enterprise speed and scale

LinuxONE is built for the enterprise. It has capabilities for speed, scale and security that make it ideal for handling core transactions and data for companies. With support for Swift, developers can more easily tie new mobile apps to core transactions and data. This can help keep data secure and improve response times by placing the code on the same platform.

Support for Swift on LinuxONE can also streamline the development process, allowing developers to spend more time on improving the application. Swift can be used for everything from the code on the mobile phone to the code on the back-end LinuxONE system.

This end-to-end solution will be even more important as mobile applications become a bigger priority for companies and their developers. If mobile isn’t a major part of your job as a developer, it will be soon. Now you have the tools to develop and deploy applications with a strategy that makes the most sense for you, your business and your customers.

You can learn more about IBM’s support for Swift here. If you’re a developer, you can try out the IBM Swift Sandbox and install Swift for LinuxONE.

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