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LinuxONE: The Power of the Ecosystem

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The strength of LinuxONE is really made possible through the broad ecosystem. The flexibility and innovation that open solutions are bringing to the market are a powerful force, and the open movement is one that we are committed to being a part of. We also recognize that many of the emerging open solutions push complexity to developers and administrators to solve. With LinuxONE, we bring enterprise engineering discipline, technologies, and scale to these solutions to create a ‘best of both worlds’ reality where our customers can embrace the speed of innovation of open solutions with greater simplicity and power.

Of course LinuxONE supports the tools, apps, middleware, and APIs you know and love like MongoDB, node.js, Spark, and Docker. Supporting the technologies that are driving the industry is table stakes. What’s most compelling is how these technologies behave differently on our platform — in a way that is uniquely powerful.

Open Databases like MongoDB on LinuxONE have twice the throughput of competitive platforms. In fact LinuxONE can scale up to a 2TB single-node instance of MongoDB with 470,000 database reads and writes per second – with no throughput degradation and sustained response times of <5ms. This is the largest single node of MongoDB –- it enables multiple MongoDB servers to be consolidated into a single instance, avoiding the overhead, cost, and complexity of sharding.

Strongloop provides LinuxONE a best-of-breed enterprise-class node.js environment, which is critical to developers on the frontline. And because node.js applications tend to be very I/O intensive and are often asked to scale to a high number of transactions per second, it’s truly a perfect fit for the LinuxONE architecture, where node.js performs up to 2 times faster than on other platforms.

When co-locating Spark analytics with a database solution in the same environment, runtime performance is 3 times faster than a runtime scenario that has Spark running in a separate environment. We also see up to 1.5x faster insights for real-time analytics using core primitives.

The ability to bring different technologies together into a single optimized operating environment where they can enjoy best-in-class speed when accessing one another is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, this powerful platform achieves these levels of performance in a way that reduces complexity for the customer. Because we’ve engineered a solution with powerful scale, customers no longer have to take on the complexity of engineering or managing horizontal-scale solutions. It just works.

IBM is committed to open source – not just consuming it, but contributing to it as well. One important example of this is the Open Managed Runtime project, or OMR. This takes the IBM innovations in virtual machine technology that go into our Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and repurposes them for new dynamic scripting languages, giving those languages the enterprise strength of one of the best managed runtime containers in the industry. We’ve optimized OMR for LinuxONE and are contributing those optimizations to the open source community. This expands on the commitment we made last summer to contribute IT analytics code, and it reflects IBM’s continued focus on investing in the open community.

The power of the LinuxONE ecosystem to work together, and provide the community what they need, continues to grow.

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