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Quick: picture the leader of IT infrastructure for your organization in your mind.

Regardless of what your colleague may look like, we’re willing to bet that you at least pictured a fellow human. But if you take a closer look at some of our pals from the animal kingdom, you might just start to wonder if they too know a thing about IT innovation.

Every Friday, we’ll bring you a new example of “IT in the Wild.”

Share it with your colleagues, send it to your boss, or just have a chuckle over your morning coffee; it’s a wild, wild world out there, but IBM has you covered.

1.When your data speed is unmatched:

Turn data into real-time insights.

2. When there’s an IT outage:

Don’t risk downtime. Give your office unmatched service.

3.Me hunting down LOB to talk about strategy:

Go from IT hero to boardroom legend.

4. Climbing the IT ladder like:

Climb even faster by architecting the future of your digital business.

5. When you can’t scale to capture the data flood:

Deliver 90 percent faster time to value.

6. Everyone running to tell me about Linux:

Find out exactly how great Linux on Power & LinuxONE are now.

7. A transaction system for blockchain?

Get up to speed with open blockchain.

8. That moment you realize your data isn’t encrypted:

Protect your data against theft or loss with self-encrypting disk & tape drives.

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