Is cognitive service management part of your InterConnect 2016 agenda?

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In 2015, IBM announced the era of cognitive business, in which systems that can understand, reason and learn are helping companies out-think their competition. Many of the organizations I hear from are excited about the promise of the cognitive era. They are dealing with increasingly complex, hybrid IT environments, and their need for smarter, more adaptive IT service management solutions is certain.

So what would cognitive service management look like?

This February, at IBM InterConnect 2016, cognitive service management will be one of many exciting topics for attendees to explore. IBM is expecting 25,000 attendees this year and over 2,000 technical learning sessions broken into 10 streams.

Sessions in the IT service management curriculum stream will begin to answer the question of what IT service management might look like in the cognitive era. The curriculum is designed to show the latest advancements that will help organizations optimize IT delivery to accelerate business innovation. It will include sessions on:

  • Application performance management (APM)
  • Communication service providers
  • IT operations analytics
  • IT operations and network management
  • Service desk and workload automation
  • IBM z Systems IT service management

One of the big highlights of the week will be the IT service management keynote, “Cognitive Service Management for Hybrid Cloud” (session 7193), delivered by Andrew Brown and Wing To of IBM—which will include a client panel. As IT service management drives businesses into the cognitive era, it will help them transform their IT using hybrid cloud and IBM Watson. Next-gen IT is making companies more agile and helping them take greater advantage of their data.

In addition to the keynote, I suggest adding the following featured sessions from the service management curriculum to your agenda:

Application performance management
Innovations in APM are helping companies provide great customer experiences by ensuring the availability of critical business processes and applications across environments. The “IBM Application Performance Management Track Kickoff” (session NAP-3867) will show how IBM APM solutions are helping companies manage complex environments with agility.

Operations and network management
If you’re looking to reduce costs and improve control over distributed environments, operations and network management can help by integrating data analytics into solutions. In the “Operations and Network Management Trends and Directions” track kickoff (session NON-1314), you’ll have a chance to hear about recent happenings in the IBM operations management portfolio and how on-premises, SaaS and hybrid environments can benefit your business.

IT operations analytics
It’s not uncommon to hear from clients who are looking for better ways to gain insight into their operational data. Operations analytics tools can help you predict, search and optimize across your IT environment to ensure service availability—and proactively, not reactively. The “IT Operations Analytics Track Kickoff” (session NOA-1724) is the one to attend if your company is looking for a more proactive approach to operations.

Hybrid workload automation
You might be thinking about how automation tools can help your business as you move more to the cloud. In “Hybrid Workload Automation: Why and How” (session NSD-5831), IBM workload automation specialists will demonstrates how to maximize the advantages of hybrid workload automation while minimizing risks and costs.

Hope to see you there!
In these sessions—and many more in the IT service management curriculum—you’ll have a chance to see the latest happenings in the world of service management, and how cloud, mobile and cognitive trends are shaping business today and into the near future. And in between sessions, be sure to stop by our dedicated service management booth in the Solution EXPO.

If you haven’t signed up for InterConnect 2016 yet, be sure to register today.

And whether you’re watching live or from afar, follow the action on Twitter using the hashtags #ITSM, #ITOA and #IBMAPM.

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