Introducing IBM PureApplication Software for US Federal Services

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Across industries, cloud computing has become an important component of IT that supports growth and innovation. The world is racing into the cognitive era, and organizations need to ensure that their infrastructure investments are being used to full advantage, helping them to offer immediate, continuous service without disruption. In addition to business, industry and healthcare, governments are looking at the cloud as a way to achieve digital transformation.

Cloud on the rise in federal agencies

In 2011, the US government issued the Cloud First policy to accelerate cloud adoption by government agencies for reliable and innovative services.

As a result, federal agencies took to the cloud starting in 2013 with offerings like Amazon GovCloud in order to conduct mission-critical, highly sensitive operations at lower costs with higher efficiency and reliability.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been using Amazon’s Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) since 2014, inspiring 17 other federal intelligence agencies to get on the cloud platform. These early cloud adopters have shown that cloud technology is the way forward in the government sector.

Challenges on the cloud

Even as the cloud brings large benefits to the government, the evolution of hybrid cloud technology has presented challenges in managing data and providing access to it across public cloud environments. With demand for both on-premises and off-premises solutions, flexibility to move between environments is a high priority for federal customers.

Expanding cloud capabilities for federal agencies using AWS

IBM PureApplication Software announced support for Amazon GovCloud and Amazon C2S as of December 18, 2015.

IBM PureApplication is a hybrid cloud platform designed to help customers deploy and manage enterprise applications in minutes. It contains built-in enterprise capabilities including administration, management, monitoring, elastic scaling, license management, backup, disaster recovery, maintenance, foundation patterns (caching, proxy, monitoring) and IBM pattern engine. Federal customers can also enjoy the following capabilities:

  • Get management support across public cloud environments, with deployment and license management.
  • Move workloads easily between on-premises PureApplication System/Software and off-premises PureApplication Service/Software without any changes.
  • Experience near identical on-premises and off-premises DevOps across multiple public cloud environments.

GovCloud and C2S support in PureApplication Software (IBM PureApplication Software for US Federal Services) will allow US federal agencies to use PureApplication patterns to cloud-enable, deploy and manage enterprise applications (IBM and third party) on GovCloud and C2S.

Are you ready to make the best use of your budget and succeed at the Cloud First policy as envisioned by the US government? Check out more on what PureApplication can do for you by visiting here.

This article was co-written by Nita Maheswaren and Meghna Chatterjee.

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