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Can you really learn in Las Vegas?

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Can you guess the number one reason why people attend conferences? If you supposed it was for the entertainment, you are…wrong.

It’s education.

People fly to places like San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Orlando because they want to learn. Conference attendees are looking for new information that adds value and makes their time spent worthwhile. This fact certainly makes a company like IBM think differently about what to focus on when planning a mega event for more than 20,000 attendees.

There’s no shortage of conferences to attend. So how do you begin to differentiate one from the next? It comes down to the curriculum and the people teaching it. At IBM InterConnect 2016, participants have an opportunity to learn about all things cloud and mobile from leaders who are working with real-world clients to build a better business and a better world. In addition to hundreds of these client success stories, there will be 11 curriculum streams and over 2,000 technical and business sessions, plus hands-on labs, workshops and more. So get ready to take notes and absorb a wealth of knowledge in Vegas this February.

After many conferences, attendees go back to their offices and brag about having seen an amazing concert or having visited a cool city. But we’ve listened to our clients and partners. The people who come back to InterConnect each year typically do so because they know that they’ll learn and build new skills from people they trust and admire (their peers, IBM experts and industry thought leaders).

Don’t get me wrong. Having great entertainment is important to our guests, especially after all of that learning and hands-on experience. Be sure to check out Elton John and Pitbull at InterConnect 2016. Attendees actually get to choose which concert they want to attend, because it’s all about giving choice and flexibility these days.

IBM spends a lot of time listening to clients and partners to make sure it’s focusing on the topics that matter most to them.

Ultimately, clients attend IBM events for three reasons:

  1. Education: You can get access to all of the latest trends and knowledge at one event (topics like hybrid cloud integration, the API economy, cognitive, operations, mobile, Bluemix and DevOps). The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to help companies build better business models, transform their industries and create better outcomes.
  2. Keeping up with the latest technology: Your company needs to get ahead, and technology is the ticket. In just a few days, IBM covers the gamut of the latest tech innovations that are redefining businesses. Line of business leaders, developers and IT architects can all get what they need from the conference—from forming an API strategy to figuring out where to start in becoming a cognitive business, from the cloud to the mainframe, and from the Internet of Things to security.
  3. Peer-to-peer networking: You also have the opportunity to network with thousands of attendees at a conference like InterConnect. Why not have a change of scenery and some fresh faces to help you clear your head as well as hear from inspiring and engaging speakers on a range of thought-provoking topics? With the excitement and creativity generated, you can return to the office refreshed again.

Gone are the days of going to a different conference every other week. IT and business leaders are more selective than ever, and they want to go where their peers are going. Word of mouth gets around over the years. Some people at InterConnect will have been attending for six or seven years, but we’ll also have plenty of first timers. They come to hear how others are embarking on a digital transformation—lessons learned, things to avoid and much more.

So yes, you really can learn in Vegas.

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