InterConnect 2016 and IT operations management

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I just spent the last week at InterConnect 2016 in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. For me, it is nonstop activity for four days, working with our sellers, our employees in the field and our development teams, along with the renewal of relationships with key customers and meeting new customers and prospects. While the activity runs from dawn to well after midnight, I always come away reenergized by the value we build into our products and by our commitment to deliver even more value to our customers.

For IBM Netcool Operations Insight, our future is all about aligning cognitive and hybrid value to help businesses become more agile. Working with rapidly-evolving competitive mobile applications while ensuring that they meet customer expectations of performance and availability is already a tough challenge. Add in DevOps practices of continuous delivery, and traditional operations practices are getting compressed into shorter and shorter timespans. With customers establishing their opinion of business quality more and more often based on Internet experience, it is becoming even more important that applications perform well.

Cognitive and ITSM

Why is cognitive capability important? The analytics capability embedded in Netcool Operations Insight helps more and more customers identify patterns of significant change. It increases their ability to identify significant problems and run their operations efficiently. With shorter timescales between project initiation and application rollout, production planning is compressed and activities that used to occur at a measured pace happen together at application rollout. Cognitive analytics help draw attention quickly to unexpected problems by cutting through the noise and picking up emerging patterns. New applications can roll out, and existing applications are updated in near real-time.

Opportunities for improvement can be spotted quickly, seasonal context can be identified for predictable event information, and repeating events can be recommended for grouping. When you add IBM’s ability to provide value based on experience with thousands of customers, you have an unmatched resource to help your organization move more quickly. Our operations analytics solutions can spot emerging problems before they impact customers, and they can spot significant performance changes as soon as they happen, giving you have a powerful partner in maintaining the performance of the applications.

Introduced at InterConnect

At InterConnect, we introduced hybrid cloud capabilities to bring new value to our large on-premises operations management base. Those capabilities help our on-premises customers find easy access to cloud-based solutions to create runbook solutions and provide notification to users with very low cost of ownership and quick time-to-value. Our Runbook Automation solution was built around the journey that so many of our customers are on of creating consistent, repeatable processes in operations that can be appropriately managed and ultimately automated to speed problem identification and recovery.

What is all of this for? The target is to enable flexibility of delivery and agility of solution. Improving the response to emerging problems with consistent repeatable solutions, and using cognitive capabilities to spot patterns while recommending solutions for effectiveness and efficiency doesn’t just improve the response to today’s problems, it also frees critical resources. Those resources can then improve effectiveness and efficiency for the next generation of emerging applications.

IBM is uniquely positioned with:

1. Leading cognitive capabilities
2. Unmatched breadth of IT service management capability
3. Experience partnering with the most complex telecommunications and IT enterprise environments in the world

We are looking forward to using our tools and experience to help you to deliver flexible applications that meet the needs of your customers and assist your business in reaching its full potential.

Learn more about the IBM Netcool Operations Insight family of operations solutions here and here, or you can watch this video.

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