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Intelligent infrastructure for the cognitive era at IBM Edge 2016

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Organizations spanning industry sectors are rushing to embrace the transformative power of cognitive computing. It enables them to gain valuable insights that can lead to advanced outcomes—everything from outthinking the competition to giving society the ability to solve our most pressing problems.

For example, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) uses cognitive technology to improve the efficiency of its supply chain processes, while Memorial Hermann Health System in southeast Texas implemented high-performance flash storage technology to provide doctors with fast access to the patient records they need to support real-time analysis of medical data and treatment decisions.

For business and IT leaders looking to understand the powerful advantages of cognitive infrastructure more deeply, IBM will be devoting an entire curriculum to cognitive technology and solutions at the IBM Edge 2016 conference, 19-22 September 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Setting the pace for innovation

In the cognitive era, gaining the deeper insights needed to outthink and outperform the competition requires businesses to evolve their IT infrastructure for smarter analytics, real-time responses and constant availability — and Edge 2016 provides plenty of opportunities to learn how. Within the “Enabling Cognitive IT with Storage and Software-Defined Solutions” curriculum stream, attendees have the opportunity to choose from several of the following informative tracks:

  • Cognitive and analytics solutions: Learn how to set the pace for innovation with storage infrastructure designed specifically for cognitive and analytical solutions.
  • Building oceans of data: Intelligent storage offers  an efficient way to manage, store and protect oceans of data. Discover how storage designed for cognitive business can dramatically impact your bottom line.
  • Cloud solutions: Learn how new technologies such as software defined storage are helping to deliver cognitive capabilities across hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Data protection and availability: Information is the lifeblood of your business. Learn about the latest IBM storage security solutions.
  • Increase application performance with Flash: Real-time analytics requires a storage solution capable of delivering extreme performance. Find out how high-performance All-Flash solutions can deliver the speed and availability you need for your mission-critical applications.
  • Software-defined infrastructure: See how organizations such as yours are using software defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions to create dynamic infrastructure that’s cost-efficient and optimized for performance.
  • Industry solutions: From healthcare and banking to telecommunications and utilities, every industry depends on data in different ways. Learn how storage infrastructure designed for the cognitive era can help businesses across industry sectors thrive.
  • Converged infrastructure: Discover how cost-effective converged infrastructure solutions from IBM can reduce complexity and roll out applications appreciably faster.

Sessions of note:

I’ll be leading a panel discussion on what it takes to build a solid hybrid cloud in the cognitive era with some other expert panelists: Christian Petersson with Cristie Nordic AB, Steven O’Brien with Unisys, Piers Nash with Center for Data Intensive Science, University of Chicago and Mukesh Sharma with Welch’s.

What does cognitive mean for storage? Join an IBM panel for a discussion about the future of storage infrastructures and their capability for understanding, reasoning and learning.

Cognitive tools that learn and adapt make rapid responses possible, but they require IT infrastructure that can manage this complexity and deliver insights at the speed of business. Infrastructure capable of handling analytics at blazing speed leads to quick insights and the ability to make enhanced decisions that can bolster your competitive position and enhance your bottom line.

Check out the full slate of presentations scheduled at Edge 2016. Start planning now. Register for Edge 2016, and we’ll see you in September.


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