Best of both worlds–integrating hybrid cloud and enterprise IT infrastructure

By | 2 minute read | September 13, 2019

If you’ve been making IT decisions, it comes as no surprise that a hybrid multicloud environment is the current landscape for everything from application development to workload placement. What might be surprising is that only about 20 percent of all workloads have made the move to cloud[1]. Why is that the case? Think about your smartphone apps, your photos, games, and productivity apps. Those are user- and consumption-based applications that were quick and easy to launch or move to predominantly public cloud environments.

What about the other 80 percent? Those are the enterprise mission-critical applications: the ones rich in data, the ones dedicated to secure transaction processing, and the ones that require more substantial levels of protection. These workloads are the ones poised for a hybrid cloud environment, with infrastructure options including private, public, on premises or off premises, and a combination of those choices.  That’s where IT decision making becomes challenging, especially as these mission-critical workloads require qualities of service that some systems or providers have difficulty meeting.

Why does it matter?

One type of IT infrastructure does not make sense for all applications, workloads, or deployments. According to a report by 451 Research, “Enterprises must focus on business outcomes while deploying workloads and data in a way, and in a location, that ensures security and integration across increasingly distributed environments [2].” Combining a highly stable infrastructure and security-rich cloud services simplifies life for cloud native developers as they build new applications and modernize existing ones. The IBM Z and LinuxONE platforms provide industry-leading levels of data privacy, security and resiliency anywhere for mission-critical applications. Your development ecosystem is protected by encryption everywhere, and you can extend that protection across your hybrid multicloud landscape.

You can also hear from Owen Rogers, Research Vice President and leader of the Digital Economics Unit at 451 Research, as he discusses the key reasons why businesses are choosing hybrid cloud strategies to provision workloads on a combination of on- and off-premises infrastructure.

And, if you’re attending the 451 Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit, come and visit us at the IBM booth! Meet Owen Rogers and Bryan Foley, Program Director, IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Offerings, on Tuesday, September 24 at 2:20PM. They’ll talk about the research behind deploying applications and workloads while considering security, accessibility, and maximizing IT investment in a hybrid multicloud environment.

Best of both worlds

To find out more about how enterprises and service providers are integrating innovative new cloud applications with highly reliable and secure IT infrastructure, read our IBM LinuxONE success stories and IBM Z case studies.

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