Integrated infrastructure: Gain without the pain

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There’s a scene from A League of their Own that made a deep impression on me and has stayed with me over the years. In the scene, the team manager confronts one of the players and asks why she decided to leave the league. She responds: “it just got too hard” to which the manager retorts: “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.”

IT shouldn’t be hard
Over the years, I’ve cited this line to friends, family, and even myself during difficult times. I agree that in many situations, the manager’s advice is sound – we all have to overcome life’s tribulations and face tough situation with determination. In hindsight, “the hard” makes a lot of things great. But when it comes to IT, things shouldn’t be hard; in fact, the hard is often what makes IT not great.

Aiming for simplicity in IT isn’t new. Now more than ever, CIOs and IT managers are looking for simplicity –in deployment, management, and ongoing operations. Of course, CIOs seek ease of management for its underlying business benefits: agility, rapid time to market, and lower ownership – especially operational – costs.

Integrated infrastructure: removing “the hard”

Integrated infrastructure is a relatively new type of offering that has successfully delivered simplicity and operational agility to numerous companies in a short time. Combining network, compute, and storage into a pre-tested, pre-verified package, integrated infrastructure allows companies to:

  • deploy IT rapidly
  • manage IT with extreme ease
  • improve overall costs, reduce footprint
  • gain competitive advantage by rapidly delivering IT services

Jon Cox, the Director of Technology Services hosts the available webinar. Integrated Infrastructure

One organization enjoying the benefits of integrated infrastructure is Medicat, a provider of healthcare IT services. In a recent webinar Jon Cox, Director of Technology Services at Medicat, explained how VersaStack – which combines Cisco and IBM technologies – has helped his company deliver 99.99 percent uptime for an IT infrastructure serving 3.2 million patients at over 380 education and medical clinics. Jon points out how VersaStack:

  • Enhanced provisioning times by 6x
  • Cut response times by 99.97 percent
  • Decreased total cost of ownership with simple management and data compression

To learn how integrated infrastructure can help you simplify your IT operations, watch the 35-minute webinar.

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