IBM z13 analytics for customer insights

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It used to be that marketing strategies drive sales, procurement strategies drive quality and cost efficiencies, and technology drives marketing strategies and procurement strategies. Now, information technology can no longer simply support business strategy; it must be exploited as a business strategy.

In this new world, leaders must develop real-time actionable insights from data to outperform the competition – and those insights involve analytics. Analytics is about examining data to derive interesting and relevant trends and patterns, which can be used to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and even drive new business models.

Business requirements have fundamentally changed. Does your IT remain aligned to the old way of doing business or have you stepped into this brave new world of big data and analytics? How would you know?

For starters, there can no longer be multiple systems; there must simply be a fully-integrated, end-to-end system that executes intelligent business processes.

In this new world, advantage can only be achieved if transactions and analytics are processed by the same system – regardless of platform. The IBM z Systems™ server excels as custodian of the data model, providing an accurate, secure, single copy of information that ensures veracity of the data for reliable analytics and provides centralized control over decision information. Business-critical analytics solutions depend on where source data resides. IBM z Systems servers deliver a single workload-optimized system for both operations and analytics by integrating and managing these real-time, historical, and predictive views of data.

Real-time analytics-based decisions are a top priority for outperforming organizations, and this requires tight integration with operational data. Real-time analytics increase customer value with every interaction:

  • Increase strategic lifetime value, profitability, and loyalty
  • Improve delivery of service and customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue generating actions, such as up sell, cross sell, and retention
  • Optimizes applicable events that drive enterprise business results

IBM z Systems and, in particular, IBM z13 with its new features and functions enable all of the advantages of improved performance and lowered costs, providing real-time analytics-based decisions.

Is there a topic you want to hear about based on analytics? Let me know in the comments below!

Certified IT Specialist and ITSO Project Leader for z System Core Technologies

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