IBM Visual Insights help unlock insights across industries

By | 1 minute read | March 17, 2020

More and more enterprises seek new ways to unleash insights that can help enhance customer satisfaction, boost operational efficiency, streamline supply chains and, ultimately, drive growth. For clients in industries from manufacturing to research to biotech, these insights may be hidden in terabytes of data contained in video and images. If they are understood and interpreted quickly, they can yield invaluable information.

I am delighted to share a new release for an offering designed to enable clients to do this at scale. We’ve changed the offering name to better reflect this capability to draw fresh insights from images and videos. IBM Visual Insights is the new name for the product formerly called IBM PowerAI Vision. As part of this release, we added support for multiple platforms, including x86-based GPU servers, in addition to the existing support for POWER-based GPU servers. IBM Visual Insights also delivers edge solutions through an iOS application called IBM Visual Inspector that can be downloaded on iOS devices.

Furthering our mission to make visual AI more accessible for clients on the road to building smarter businesses, IBM Visual Insights is helping organizations better enable AI vision-based defect detection in manufacturing.

One client, Smart Modular, is a manufacturer of memory components for computers. Here, IBM Visual Insights integrates with collaborative robots to help identify and isolate defective semi-conductor components before they ripple into the next stage of processing.

Another client, University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, engages IBM Visual Insights to provide UK manufacturers with access to artificial intelligence to help accelerate the pace of innovation across high value-added manufacturing. In fact, IBM applies IBM Visual Insights at our Power Systems server manufacturing facility in Guadalajara to enhance defect detection in the manufacturing process.

IBM Visual Insights is also helping clients in a number of industries other than manufacturing, from oil and gas to oncology. Abu Dhabi Natural Oil Company leverages custom deep learning models from IBM Visual Insights to complement geologists at analyzing soil for accurate detection of oil wells. A marine research and exploration organization, Promare, is recreating a 400-year-old history by substituting pilgrims with deep learning models onboard the Mayflower to autonomously cross the Atlantic.

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