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IBM technical events and a “non-techie” – curiosity matters!

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Curiosity matters at events, especially at technical training opportunities. But that doesn’t mean technical events are only for data scientists, engineers or developers. Join me on a recent day at IBMTechU Comes to You event in San Francisco, California and get a glimpse of what awaits at our hands-on IBM technical events.

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Can non-techies attend IBM technical events?
I do! Working at IBM and not being a technical professional can sound strange, but I’m proud to be able to help those of the tech world get training in IBM Systems through events. Our events enable professionals of various backgrounds to be successful with their IT investments.

What can you expect?
To kick off the morning at an IBMTechU Comes to You event on a rare sunny day in San Francisco, California, I listened to Jeff Jonas in the opening session. This eccentric IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist of Context Computing used a puzzle analogy to illustrate to the audience why “good” and “bad” data are needed to help create context in decision making. The process of putting a puzzle together showed how we systematically draw better conclusions through time; even with a puzzle that does not have all the pieces or even the correct ones. Nothing like a couple of puzzle piece dupes and pieces from a different puzzle thrown in there, right!? (Perfectly illustrating “bad data.”) Progressively through the process we make decisions and can quickly adjust as more information is known and we become more efficient to getting to the answer, which in relation to technology equates to less compute time.

the puzzle metaphor image from IBM Tech event
Jeff then talked about something he is working on called the future of “Why Selective Curiosity Matters” (Patent US8620927). He explained that being curious and selective is a very human process that is being researched and tuned for use with computer data, due to incredible developing technologies that need 100 percent accuracy in decision. Quite frankly, it was an eye-opening talk that left me wondering what the future will really look like when his research gets applied to IBM solutions and beyond with big data.

What’s the benefit?
The day continued with the attendees going to a variety of technical sessions about IBM Systems–IBM z Systems, IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage. At these events there tends to be a solution center of our event sponsors, which includes IBM Business Partners, vendors, and IBM teams that are there to talk to attendees about the solutions they can provide. Here is a great view of my loot!

san francisco event ibm systems, IBM Tech Event

I walked around the venue throughout the day, popped into sessions and observed hallway chatter. This unique face-to-face training and networking with peers, IBM Distinguished Engineers and developers has enabled conversations and idea generation that could, quite frankly, keep a business at the bleeding edge.

Are you ready to join me at the next event?
Does this type of event pique your curiosity?ibm systems event loot, IBM Tech Event The good news is that there are a number of opportunities to attend these types of events coming up worldwide. My next stop is Chicago, Illinois 18-20 May 2016, where we will feature Dr. Seshadri Subbanna, Director of Innovation and Technology Evaluation from the T. J. Watson Research Center. Check out the Chicago agenda!

If you are interested in keeping up with the events, join the IBM Systems Technical events LinkedIn group or attend an event to help get your business puzzles ready for the cognitive era.

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