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IBM Teams With Canonical To Put Ubuntu 16.04 on LinuxONE

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If you’re an Ubuntu user looking for high-performance and the ability to process billions of transaction, then here’s some good news. Ubuntu 16.04 (XenialXerus) is now available on IBM LinuxONE.  Prior to the general availability of Ubuntu 16.04 on April 21, 2016, Canonical  is teaming with IBM and clients to support LinuxONE via an IBM/Canonical Ubuntu 16.04 beta program.   Customers who are interested can sign up for the  IBM/Canonical Ubuntu 16.04 beta release here.  The beta program is available from Canonical /Ubuntu today.

Ubuntu on LinuxONE offers developers and IT professionals an additional Linux distribution, with OpenStack, KVM support, Docker integration plus JuJu charms – extremely popular with developers and Cloud Service Providers. Following an intent announced last year, Canonical is offering its Ubuntu Linux distribution and cloud tool sets (Juju, MAAS, Landscape) to LinuxONE clients. With the addition of Ubuntu to the existing SUSE and Red Hat distributions, organizations now have a third option for acquiring the LinuxONE system.

The beta program will offer Ubuntu customers a chance to try Ubuntu in an Enterprise Configuration via the LinuxONE Community Cloud.  When available, the complimentary 90 day trial  on the Community Cloud will include up to 2 virtual CPU, 2 GB memory and 40 GB of storage.

Enterprise clients using the combination of Canonical’s container strengths with LinuxONE will be able to:

  •     Massively scale containers and maintain high CPU utilization rates
  •     Achieve not just unparalleled performance, but also high security and availability
  •     Build a high availability, high response platform for the new mobile, web and IoT applications of today and the innovations of tomorrow

IBM’s LinuxONE  is built on IBM’s  rich hardware heritage of supporting demanding mission critical workloads. This makes LinuxONE an ideal platform for developers, who already use Ubuntu for IoT applications and other new workloads, as it provides the same operating system and tools, including Juju, on the back-end as they are using on the edge.

Download the Ubuntu 16.04 beta trial today!

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