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Many of our clients could conclude that typical hybrid cloud services seem incomplete; that is, up until now. While hosted private cloud (single tenant) and public cloud (multi-tenant) meet cloud computing requirements, many enterprises still need cloud-based hybrid IT solutions.

Enterprises continue to adopt cloud services for a variety of workloads. However, challenges including transaction latency, policy compliance, networking costs and data privacy are driving CIOs and CTOs to demand more flexibility that goes beyond hosted cloud solutions. As a result, on-premises private cloud workloads are forecast to double within large enterprises by 2018.

Our clients already know that their bold digital transformation goals require the fusion of on-premises and off-premises IT infrastructure. That why we’ve announced IBM Cloud Private.

IBM Cloud Private is an application platform for developing and managing on-premises, containerized applications. It is an integrated environment for managing containers that include the container orchestrator Kubernetes, a private image repository, a management console and monitoring frameworks. It also includes a graphical UI which provides a centralized location from which you can deploy, manage, monitor and scale your cloud applications.

You’ll also gain all of the advantages of utilizing our broad ecosystem of qualified partners.

Architecture for hybrid IT integration

Cloud computing is emerging as the pervasive platform for delivering applications, for powerful analytics in cognitive business and for always-on customer experiences. But clouds don’t run on thin air – and there’s no single solution to meet every unique requirement. Whether your organization opts for on premises in a data center, off premises, or in a hybrid IT model, cloud servers built for the enterprise need to be open, fast, scalable and secure. The IBM Systems strategic path to cloud is based upon our “Architecting for Disruption” vision.

By design, our comprehensive solution suite is an inclusive cross-platform cloud approach that all savvy IT and business leaders will appreciate, given today’s enterprise environment.

IBM Power Systems

IBM Cloud Private on IBM Power Systems provides all of the advantages of a containerized cloud on a server platform optimized for data and cognitive services. IBM Power Systems use open technologies, efficiently delivering between 2 and 10 times the work of x86 commodity servers, depending on the workload; a secure, robust virtualization hypervisor; elastic scaling to handle intensive data and analytics needs; tight integration with mission-critical applications in Linux, AIX, and IBM i environments and automated management. Moreover, it’s a more reliable platform than other potential solutions.


The combination of cloud and IBM Z enables the best of both worlds: a combination of enterprise-grade scalability, reliability and security with the agility to respond to market demands. Mainframes provides the low risk, high availability and superior performance to provision and manage next-generation cloud workloads. IBM Z can respond in nanoseconds with the tremendous processing power to handle the largest application workload peaks.


The Linux enterprise servers and solutions in your cloud infrastructure need to deliver performance, data protection and service continuity. The IBM LinuxONE platform combines exceptional speed and business agility for cloud solutions. Its open, vertical scale architecture makes LinuxONE the most efficient and cost-effective cloud platform. It supports and embraces industry initiatives around software-defined infrastructure management, containers and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) using a consistent set of technologies.

Best of both worlds: your fastest path to revenue

IBM Systems have overcome prior IT infrastructure constraints, letting you achieve your bold digital transformation goals. Discover how IBM servers and IBM Storage Solutions will minimize cloud complexity and improve your developer efficiency. Find the tools and calculators that help you to get started, then reach out to an IBM representative or Business Partner to learn more.

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