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What is your IBM Systems innovation destination?

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The sailboats sweep across the harbor, commuter ferries and water taxis drift by, the “T” subway and buses run like clockwork and cabbies and app drivers speed around the historic city of Boston. All have destinations.

boston harbor view, IBMTechU
Having a destination implies a beginning and an end. I would argue that most goals or projects in IT may have a date of completion, but spin-off projects may emerge, or we learn something new, changing the course of the project with a cycle of continuous improvement. It is a no-rest-for-the-innovators situation where, when you’re done, you’re really not done. Instead, you’re already two to three steps ahead on new projects to stay viable in the industry!

This constant evolution of technology requires training. Knowledge becomes an ongoing key to driving results, personally and professionally.

THINKing big

The IBMTechU Comes to You technical event in Boston featured technical sessions on IBM Systems. Keynote speaker Dr. Seshadri Subbanna, IBM Director of Innovation and Technology Evaluation opened with a video titled Marchesa and IBM Watson design the cognitive dress.

Did you EVER think a dress could be designed collaboratively by machine and man—one that changes color based on emotion? This collaboration illustrates how we can interact with systems and use IT results in a new way, springboarding industries into the connection of data in all walks of life. These innovations need connected systems—the techies at the event would likely call themselves big thinkers. Our technical training events are made for them, enabling behind the scenes work with IBM technologies to help shape how we interact and use technology in the world today!

Exploring the known

Connor Krukosky, our IBM z Systems opening session keynote speaker started toying with tech at a young age and became very interested in how things work. By 18 he had a collection of vintage technologies but he decided to invest in one IBM mainframe. A mainframe!? YUP, an IBM z890 to be exact. But you might ask, “Why on earth would he do that?” The answer: He bought it for a mere $237.39 dollars in an online auction, broke it down, rebuilt it and got it running all “just to see if he could do it.” Mind. Blown.

guests at event, IBMTechU(Photo, left to right: Troy Crutcher, IBM z Systems Academic Initiative; Connor Krukosky, IBM intern and Tracy Williams, IBM Systems Technical Events)

Attendees in the room connected with Connor, understood and felt empathy for his pain points, embraced and laughed at his jokes that only a mainframe specialist would get and interacted with him on a technical level.

It was not all smooth sailing to get the mainframe working. Connor solved his obstacles the best way he knew, and did it all for the sake of knowledge. He has been able connect with a community of like-minded people, sharing his experience with IBM developers and users, and he recently embarked on his next journey as an IBM intern in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The takeaway from his talk and the event: Individuals and groups that learn and share their knowledge and experiences with relevant IT prove that it is a perpetual destination!

Are you on board?

ibm systems technical events linkedin community, IBMTechURegistration is open for the last two 2016 IBM Systems technical events. The first will be held 2-4 November in Baltimore, Maryland, and the second will be 14-16 November in Austin, Texas. If you enroll through the end of July, you’ll pay only $1,100 dollars in tuition.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in our IBM Systems Technical events LinkedIn group. You can also join the group and stay tuned to the latest in our events and more. I hope to meet you face-to-face this fall!

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