IBM Systems influencer highlights from Think 2019

By | 2 minute read | March 18, 2019

Think 2019 is in the history books, and we’re left with a lot to reflect on. For the better part of a week, attendees heard from industry experts, IBM clients and our Business Partners. While we saw a lot of rain, that didn’t hold back Thinkers from networking, finding inspiration in future technology, taking a pledge to Be Equal, and having a little fun on San Francisco’s famous Pier 39.

ibm think 2019

As you may recall from my pre-Think blog post, YouTuber and tech enthusiast Linus from Linus Tech Tips was in attendance and hands-on with Systems hardware. He captured so much content (more videos coming soon!), that he mashed up a few of his highlights related to supercomputing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data processing, multicloud and more in the video below.

In addition to Linus, we had a few other industry leaders attend Think as our guests. Here are a few of their Think 2019 highlights:

  • Analyst and Director Neil Cattermull joined the CTG Intelligence podcast to share his overview of the event, the interesting things IBM is doing with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Red Hat acquisition and quantum computing. One of my favorite interviews conducted during Think was his conversation with John Mertic of the Linux Foundation. They chatted about Linux, the Open Mainframe Project and Red Hat. Check out part one and part two. Don’t worry, they’re each only a couple minutes long. If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll be able to see several additional videos he produced with IBM clients and partners.
  • Craig Mullins, President and Principal Consultant at Mullins Consulting, Inc., recapped his thoughts in a short video posted to LinkedIn Pulse. He examines the future of data and shares how AI is expected to transform the industry.
  • Fintech Strategist Alex Jiménez shared an extensive list of his highlights from Think on his blog post. Some of the headlines included AI, cloud, cybersecurity, open banking, blockchain, and quantum computing. Jiménez concludes his article with this: “It was a great four days. While technology continues to change the world we live in, there were various signs that industry, and IBM in particular, will bring positive impacts to our world. I’m already looking forward to IBM Think 2020.” Now that’s a great endorsement!

If you’re thirsty for more Think 2019 content, be sure to follow IBM Systems and catch replays and videos on demand here. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the rest of the year and for Think 2020. Hope you’ll join us!