IBM Spectrum Conductor: Access, analyze and protect big data

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If your organization uses data to gain competitive advantage, you’re looking to accelerate performance-intensive applications and extract full value from that data. As data volumes continue to explode in size, you’re probably asking:

  1. How do we accelerate results by rapidly and efficiently adopting next-generation analytics applications and open source frameworks such as Apache Spark?
  2. Are there ways to access and share all of that big data at the speed that our business demands while reducing infrastructure cost?
  3. Can we cost-efficiently protect and manage data and applications throughout their lifecycles?

To address those questions, you need an infrastructure solution that allows you to efficiently analyze, access and protect data with an integrated application and data-optimized platform, along with the easy adoption of the next generation of scale-out applications. On 2 June 2016 IBM announced IBM Spectrum Conductor, a new software-defined infrastructure solution from IBM that helps organizations with the following:

Accelerate time-to-results by up to 60 percent by increasing utilization and rapidly adopting new analytics applications and frameworks. IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark is designed to simplify adoption of the open source analytics framework Apache Spark.

Foster collaboration and improve efficiency by sharing resources and data across applications, users and lines of business, and easily capitalize on technologies like Docker containers.

Protect applications and data throughout their lifecycles while eliminating resource and data silos with a multi-tenant integrated fabric.

Improve data availability and resource sharing for multiple applications

Many organizations are rapidly taking on a greater number of projects, often with each running on a separate, dedicated cluster. If these clusters are unable to share compute and data-storage resources, they run the risk of low resource utilization where at least some compute resources are idle much of the time. IBM Spectrum Conductor creates a shared infrastructure environment that helps ensure resources and data are available in the right place at the right time, cuts the number of server cores required to handle peak capacity demands and reduces your costs through better utilization.

tco comparison, IBM Spectrum Conductor

Compare the total cost of ownership of IBM Spectrum Conductor with your current environment.


Provide multidimensional scalability

IBM Spectrum Conductor offers multidimensional, independent scaling of storage capacity, compute resources, application versions and more. You can future-proof your organization’s data center, avoiding rip-and-replace upgrades because you can easily and independently add resources as needed—for example, to accommodate new workloads, rising data volumes or more users.

people workloads compute storage, IBM Spectrum Conductor

To compete in an era of rapid change, you need a smarter infrastructure that’s flexible, scalable and resilient. IBM Spectrum Conductor delivers those capabilities with robust features that let you store, analyze and protect your data—and dramatically speed your time to insight.

To learn more about the performance and cost-saving advantages of software-defined infrastructure, visit us here.

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