IBM Research: Helping to make AI more productive for enterprises

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There’s so much hype about AI! Students are enrolling in machine learning courses in record numbers. Investments in artificial intelligence (AI) startups are at an all-time high. Developers are building, testing and deploying AI models. Recent AI excitement, innovation and progress throughout the world is truly staggering. So, what does it mean for all of us as individuals, for our businesses, for our professions?

AI is a game changer. It will rapidly evolve from narrow capabilities to broader intelligence with integrated knowledge and adaptive learning. AI is anticipated to permeate every discipline and all industries from finance to education to healthcare, helping to boost productivity and enabling new opportunities.

At IBM Research, we continue to innovate with the idea to enhance core AI capabilities — enabling improved image classification, better speech recognition and new AI modalities. Our models are currently designed to enhance algorithms, optimize compute, demonstrate AI at the edge and explore creative uses of AI. We especially concern ourselves with the unique challenges and requirements of AI as applied to enterprise environments, and to do this we collaborate with clients to co-create solutions.

We help banks use AI to transform financial services with improved fraud detection and credit risk analysis. We help doctors use AI to transform healthcare with use cases involving patient sensors and genomic medicine. We help farmers use AI to transform agriculture with supply chain optimization and hyper-local precision irrigation. And we even apply AI to transform the scientific discovery process itself.

These research innovations show the art of the possible, and they are being used to help IBM Systems clients understand how to modernize their businesses. Across research, development and client teams, we come together on a daily basis to help usher IBM’s enterprise clients into the AI era. Our IBM Research innovations also translate directly into Systems product offerings — across IBM Storage, IBM Z, PowerAI, and IBM Power Systems offerings. From data-centric innovations to tackle the data demands of AI to GPU-fueled systems innovations and tooling that addresses AI developer pain points, IBM Research provides a steady stream of innovation out of the ivory tower of AI and into the hands of IBM Systems clients.

We’re looking forward to talking more about this at the upcoming IBM Systems Technical University (TechU) in Orlando. We’ll be co-presenting as keynote speakers on “How Research Innovations are making AI More Productive for Enterprises.”

We’re impressed at the quality and breadth of the technical training on offer at our IBM TechU events. The Cognitive Systems agenda in Orlando will give you an opportunity to explore, learn and touch AI, machine learning and deep learning techniques. Here are just a few examples:

  • Attend a session on deep learning techniques and use cases for each technique.
  • Get an introduction to neural networks or get specific and learn how to build a facial recognition solution with them.
  • Get up close and personal in hands-on labs on topics like object detection or handwritten character recognition.

Come and join us in Orlando.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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