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IBM PowerAI and Watson team up at O’Reilly AI Conference

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Deep learning and artificial intelligence are two terms that have become ubiquitous in the technology market, as enterprises, research centers, academic institutions and individual developers have quickly realized that the cognitive era is upon us. These technologies represent the solid possibility of unlocking greater insights from data by augmenting human capabilities with some of the most powerful, intelligent computing systems in the world.

That’s why IBM is onsite at the second annual O’Reilly AI Conference in New York City June 27 — June 29, showing thousands of data scientists, developers and AI pioneers that IBM can help them navigate their journey to cognitive with pre-built services available from the cloud like Watson, or by providing them with powerful tools to “build your own” AI.

See IBM Watson and IBM PowerAI together at booth #200  

Why choose when you can have it all? Torn between cloud and on premises, Watson or open-source deep learning frameworks? Come visit us at booth #200 to see how you can leverage the simplicity of Watson with the customization of the IBM PowerAI toolkit to create industry-changing cognitive applications.

We’ll be demonstrating a solution to evaluate the predictability of future financial market values, using both PowerAI & Watson. See how TensorFlow and Project Jupyter deep learning networks (built with IBM PowerAI) are complemented by IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding APIs for sentiment analysis.

Learn about the latest updates to PowerAI, IBM’s deep learning enterprise toolkit

See the latest updates for IBM PowerAI, IBM’s toolkit of open-source deep learning distributions for the enterprise. Learn about the latest deep learning frameworks we’ve added to the distribution, like distributed TensorFlow, and how PowerAI users leverage the toolkit’s ease-of-use features to tap into the power of GPU-accelerated deep learning on IBM’s NVIDIA NVLink-equipped Power Systems S822LC for HPC.

In addition, join IBM Research’s Yong Hua Lin as she leads a deep dive into PowerAI’s new AI Vision tool, a deep learning system from IBM for image and video analysis in both on-premises and cloud environments that simplifies the image recognition training process. Even small operations withoutmassive computing power or a veritable army of data scientists can train and implement vision recognition models.

Embark on our developer journeys

At our booth you can also take the onramp for one of our developer journeys, specific highways we designed to guide you to a cognitive implementation based on your specific workload. But you can also explore these journeys online. Naturally, these Journeys include tutorials and source code, but they also include online cloud accounts with our partner, Nimbix. This helps users check out the functionality of PowerAI software while also experiencing the strength of our latest GPU-accelerated IBM Power Systems on the cloud. You can start our latest deep learning developer journey online by clicking here.

Start building your deep learning game changer with PowerAI in the Cloud

Beyond developer journeys and tutorials, we’ll also be providing a limited number of attendees with the option of trying out PowerAI in the Cloud for thirty days. Working with our partner Nimbix, we’ll be offering trials of PowerAI on the latest accelerated IBM Power systems. There are only a limited number of trials open and priority will be given to attendees, so drop by to start training on Power in minutes.

Be sure to share your experiences by using the hashtag #OReillyAI in your social posts and following @IBMPowerSystems on Twitter for updates from the event. See you there!

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