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IBM Power Systems and SAP HANA partner to form the Center of Excellence

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Exciting things are happening with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems. Last year, the availability of HANA on Power was announced. Then Power Systems became the first platform available for multiple virtualized production environments running HANA—giving enterprises the exclusive ability to run up to four virtual machines containing production HANA databases concurrently.

Big data is changing everything. Today, businesses need to transact, predict and analyze simultaneously. That’s where SAP HANA and Power Systems come in – delivering flexibility and resiliency. IBM Power Systems run SAP HANA fast and are ideally suited for the large datasets and processing needs of SAP HANA, with strong performance across the universe of big data applications, including IBM Watson.

Clients see the value of this powerful partnership. More than 100 IBM Power Systems clients have moved to HANA on Power in less than 6 months—it’s our fastest-growing platform. In a recent video with SAP, Kyle Garman, SVP & Managing Director – Global Partnerships talks about how the company has made significant investments in the development of Power Systems and how impressed SAP is with this strong market response. The strength of the partnership and the momentum in the market are key reasons why a new joint SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Center of Excellence (COE) is being launched in Austin.

What does this mean for clients? This new joint COE joins other IBM and SAP customer-facing initiatives like the IBM SAP International Competence Center (ISICC). The joint COE is open to all clients interested in a briefing or proof of concept of SAP HANA on Power Systems. Clients will get access to a broad range of SAP HANA on Power skills from the best technical resources at both IBM and SAP. Visiting the new joint COE is a great way for clients to learn more about the benefits of HANA on Power and to have the right level of technical conversations with experts.

The Power Systems and SAP HANA joint COE is part of the global network of IBM Client Centers that provide access to both technical experts and the latest technology to assist SAP clients. Executive Briefing Centers provide comprehensive, in-depth technology briefings, product demonstrations, and solution and workload optimization workshops to assist with infrastructure design. Benchmark Centers provide experts and host server and storage infrastructure for proof of concept and complex benchmarks along with performance tuning and optimization. IBM Proof of Technology configurations provide hands-on access to environments for clients to test drive the important features of the technology.

To learn more about Power Systems and SAP HANA, click here. Schedule a briefing session and discover how you get more flexibility and agility with IBM Power Systems and SAP HANA. Learn more about how SAP HANA on Power Systems can help you achieve IT simplification.

Vice President, WW Client Centers, IBM Systems

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Cyrus Niltchian

IBM Spectrum Protect offers SAP-certified Data Protection for SAP HANA on the IBM Power platform.

Prakash Bharatam

Power systems are great value. Personal experience!

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