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IBM Power Enterprise Systems for the Cloud at Edge 2016

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Information Technology (IT) environments have changed their consumption and service delivery patterns for the cloud, and to reflect this, IBM announced a new line of IBM Power Enterprise Systems for the Cloud at Edge 2016 this year.

Aimed in reducing operational costs, increasing flexibility and improving cloud integration, the new IBM Power E850C, E8770C and E880C systems of the Power Enterprise family maintain the characteristics of high performance, on-demand resources, flexibility, scalability and availability – but they now offer even more!

Accelerate and simplify cloud deployments

In addition to new memory technologies and more efficient processors, these servers now have software to allow the creation of private and hybrid clouds integration using OpenStack.

With the Power to Cloud Rewards Program, you can also have installation services and integration into their existing infrastructure. With IBM Cloud and PowerVC Manager, you can create a private cloud to automate and simplify the process of creating virtual machines, provide a self-service portal for user areas and establish metrics billing.

Since it’s based on OpenStack, IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager enables integration with orchestration tools with IBM Cloud Orchestrator or other management solutions to allow IBM Cloud Power to be integrated into the existing cloud. Then you can then manage, from a single point, choosing the best infrastructure for each type of workload.

Cut operating costs by up to 50 percent over three years

There is also a way for you to manage size and only pay for the resources you need at a given time, through services such as Elastic Capacity on Demand (ECoD). You can size a solution more efficiently and make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

Also, investment can be protected by converting this ECoD resources into services on the IBM Cloud, for example being turned into Power Linux servers in Softlayer or in a possible Disaster Recovery in the Public Cloud for AIX environments.

IBM Power Enterprise Systems for Cloud opens a huge range of possibilities for efficient consumption, improved performance and high availability – all without sacrificing the open source standards already established and being used.

Here is more discussion on connecting traditional IT and the cloud.

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