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IBM i Performance FAQ: An essential resource for your IBM i

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Attention IBM i users! The IBM Systems Performance team has just released the latest round of updates to the “IBM i on POWER – Performance FAQ.” The IBM i Performance FAQ (as we call it for short) is an essential resource covering a wide range of performance topics related to IBM i systems. It is the primary reference document for anybody who’s looking for info related to IBM i performance.

IBM i for Power Systems is an integrated operating environment, which means that it provides most of what you need to run the applications on your system. However, because it is an integrated OS, there are numerous features and functions available to users. Understanding how all of the pieces work together can be complicated, particularly if you have a performance concern. This is where the IBM i Performance FAQ comes into play.

What is the IBM i Performance FAQ document?

The “IBM i on Power – Performance FAQ” is a well-organized, thoroughly searchable document developed with the expertise of the IBM i development team, IBM Systems Lab Services and IBM Support. Collectively, these groups have the knowledge and experience to help you address the majority of IBM i performance questions.

What does the Performance FAQ document include?

As a senior technical staff member with expertise in IBM i, I frequently get the opportunity to speak with clients about the performance of their IBM i operating environments. Whether it’s at a global tech conference or an in-depth training event like IBM TechU Comes to You, I talk regularly with IT leaders about IBM i performance. Many of the sessions I lead are on IBM i performance-related topics, and the questions that generate the most interaction from event attendees have been incorporated into the FAQ.

In addition, many of the Performance FAQ contributors helped to develop IBM i and have worked on site with clients to address their specific IBM i needs. This wealth of knowledge is condensed into the Performance FAQ document.

What’s new in October 2016?

The IBM i Performance FAQ document is updated regularly to reflect the latest information concerning IBM i performance. We just released a round of updates this month, which includes information about the new dashboard in Navigator, some additional tips on best practices and information on a commonly asked topic: should I use PDI or iDoctor?

It’s our hope that the Performance FAQ document will provide clients with the broad brushstrokes of performance considerations across the spectrum of technologies within IBM i. The information it offers should help you quickly solve simple problems on your own. But if you can’t find your answer there, IBM Systems Lab Services is here to help.

The IBM Systems Lab Services Power Systems practice is an experienced group of technical consultants with proven expertise in designing, building and delivering Power Systems infrastructure for IBM i. IBM Systems Lab Services consultants can help companies optimize performance on IBM i and address any specific concerns you may have. Contact IBM Systems Lab Services to see how we can help you transform your business. Email us at ibmsls@us.ibm.com.

IBM i: A system built for business

IBM i on Power Systems has a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience. If it’s part of your business infrastructure, you can rest assured that there’s a wealth of expert information available to you in the latest “IBM i on Power – Performance FAQ” document. I promise you: you won’t find a better all-in-one reference for IBM i anywhere.

Read, download and bookmark the full IBM i on Power – Performance FAQ today.

Eric Barsness, IBM i Performance Consultant for the IBM Systems Lab Services Power Systems Delivery Practice, contributed to this blog.

Senior Technical Staff Member for IBM

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