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IBM LinuxONE: Erasing Tradeoffs in the Open Source Era

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The impact of Linux on our world is undeniable. Since its release 25 years ago, Linux has grown from a small community based project to a major force leading an open-source revolution.

As organizations shift to the cloud, Linux figures to play an even larger role. It’s become the go-to-choice for the cloud because of the flexibility it provides to spur innovation.

IT leaders, though, still face crucial decisions in this transition to the cloud. How do you create the best overall solution that embraces open-source innovations and delivers enterprise capabilities? How do you ensure openness and security, agility and scale, flexibility and efficiencies?

Last year, IBM introduced a new line of systems, LinuxONE, designed to answer these questions by providing a Linux-only system with advanced capabilities for the enterprise. Less than six months later, IBM is expanding the LinuxONE ecosystem to give organizations the choice they want with the consistency they need for their industrialized hybrid cloud. Highlights of the new offerings include:

Optimization of IBM’s StrongLoop and Cloudant to enable clients to develop, deploy and manage applications for the cloud more quickly and easily.
The release this spring of Canonical’s Ubuntu for LinuxONE, gave clients three options for Linux distributions to go with Red Hat and SUSE.
Collaboration with SUSE on cloud technologies in the OpenStack space, where SUSE tools will be employed to manage public, private and hybrid clouds running on LinuxONE.

  • Support of the Google-developed Go language and plans to contribute code back to the Go community this summer;
  • Optimized LinuxONE for the Open Managed Runtime project (OMR) with plans to contribute those optimizations back to the community.
  • Refresh of the LinuxONE Rockhopper to deliver increased speed and more processing power in the entry level system, putting higher levels of performance within reach of more organizations.
  • In addition, the LinuxONE Community Cloud has been launched, providing developers cloud access to a LinuxONE System. For 90 days at no charge, developers can receive dedicated space to create and test their applications.

These offerings strengthen a compelling new option for organizations. They give developers the Linux environment they want to spur innovations while also delivering a system with tremendous speed, scale and security.

Just how much can LinuxONE deliver? IBM Research demos have shown LinuxONE capable of handling 30 billion web queries a day.

The Met Office, which provides weather and climate forecasts for the United Kingdom, plans to use LinuxONE to analyze data from sources around the globe to accurately predict weather, saving lives and property. The Met Office IT staff likes being able to use open-source databases while taking advantage of LinuxONE’s speed and scale for fast analysis of massive amounts of data.

As we move into the next era of computing, more organizations will demand systems, such as LinuxONE, that provide solutions without compromises. We are entering an exciting time where open meets enterprise to take technology to new heights, erasing more of the tradeoffs many had assumed were part of the IT equation.

You can find out more about LinuxONE and new advancements for hybrid cloud in an online WIRED event being held this week.

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