IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation on Linux on Z and LinuxONE

Changing the way our clients automate business

By | 2 minute read | January 28, 2022

We all witnessed the world change right before our very eyes. As a result, companies had to change the way they do business with a greater dependency on automation. As we learn to live with the new normal, we go into 2022 well equipped to support your continuous journey through automation.

When you take app modernization, co-location, and sustainability it creates the perfect recipe to support the evolution of your business model. Both the Covid-19 pandemic and the great resignation have made the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation on Linux on Z and LinuxONE critical to weathering the day-to-day business challenges. Business automation aids in achieving and retaining faster and more reliable business results.

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation allows the acceleration of application modernization by offering a set of services and capabilities intended to determine best practices, find blockers or ineffective processes.  These business challenges are resolved by automating and streamlining processes to improve your business productivity and decrease errors.

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation runs on Red Hat OpenShift, including Red Hat OpenShift on the IBM Linux on Z and LinuxONE platform. By leveraging Red Hat OpenShift, you have the option of easily moving or co-locating the application closer to the data by deploying on Z Linux. The IBM Z platform is renowned for bringing its best-in-class data privacy, security, availability, scalability, resiliency, and sustainability to our client’s hybrid multi-cloud approach.  IBM Z has a twenty-four-year history of improved energy efficiency. The IBM Z’s ability to continue to pivot and enhance the energy-efficiency, power conversion and cooling efficiency is critical to your business model. IBM Z and LinuxONE provide an economical and sustainable path for our clients to run on a cloud native platform with flexible computing to run on IBM Cloud Paks for Business Automation.

The following capabilities for IBM Cloud Paks for Business Automation are delivered as containers that run on Red Hat OpenShift on the IBM Z platform:

Content supports unstructured or semi-structured data comprising documents, text, images, audio, and video. Content services securely manages the full lifecycle of content.

  • FileNet Content Manager
  • Business Automation Navigator
  • IBM Enterprise Records

Decisions provides repeatable rules and policies for day-to-day business operations, allowing you to gather, manage, execute, and monitor decisions.

  • Operational Decision Manager
  • Automation Decision Services

Workflow defines how work gets done through a sequence of steps performed by humans and systems. Workflow management is the design, execution and monitoring of workflows.

  • Business Automation Workflow
  • Automation Workstream Services

Operational Intelligence business automation insights provides deep understanding of business operations by capturing and analyzing data generated by operational systems. The data is presented in dashboards and made available to data scientists for analysis using AI and machine learning.

  • Business Automation Insights
  • Business Performance Center

Low-code Automation is a visual approach to building applications using drag-and-drop components. Low-code tools enable business users and developers to create applications without having to write code.

  • Business Automation Studio
  • Business Automation Application Designer
  • Business Automation Application runtime

The plethora of capabilities offered for Cloud Paks for Business Automation means it’s important to have a reliable platform that provides scalability, resiliency, and sustainability. Running Cloud Paks for Business Automation on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxONE helps you automate with ease.

Start your Application Modernization with Cloud Pak for Business Automation on IBM Z and LinuxONE today.

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