IBM: A history in data

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Reflecting on the vibrant 105-year history of IBM, one can see the undeniable reliance on data. Helping clients collect, analyze, transact, protect and move their data has been the foundation of our guiding principle, a commitment to every client’s success. That data has grown from simple tabulation–to supporting space travel to the moon–to commerce on the internet–to machine intelligence. The many patents we developed have not only helped shape an industry but have also supported social change. A byproduct of our innovation was and is the creation of a healthy environment for competition.  While some have imitated, some have developed to keep pace and others have invented to be unique. The common thread in the competitive fabric is IBM. Looking at our history, I have broken it into three phases of transformation.

IBM as the International Business Machine Company – In phase one, we see a company starting off tabulating and calculating data. This moves us from enterprise to personal computing and sharing that data directly via paper to movement through networks. Take a view from early videos: IBM Selectric Typewriters (1960s) – Classic TV Commercial & IBM Charlie Chaplin Commercial & The Heroines of Hidden Figures are also STEM Heroes.

ibm logos, IBM Data

ramieri 1, IBM DataIBM as the Intelligent Business Machine Company – As we enter phase two of our history, we see the critical importance of evolving our solutions and making them intelligent. Executing commerce through interconnected devices and across the globe became one of our client’s top priorities. This phase is also where we start to see the explosion of data and the critical need to harness its value for business. See through these next videos and how we had a vision that has become a reality today. IBM – eBusiness Solutions – Killer Applications – Improving Business – TV Commercial – TV Ad & IBM Deep Intelligence.


ramieri 2, IBM DataIBM as the Intellectual Business Machine Company – Our current phase sets us on a journey into the future. This is a journey of cognition, where data can run just about anywhere and be stored just about everywhere. Welcome to the cognitive phase. In this phase, we help our clients envision everything while exploiting ALL available data.  Review some of our messaging in this newest phase of our history. IBM welcomes you to the cognitive era & “Coping with Humans”: A Support Group for Bots.

So, if data is that critical to business success, and a hybrid cloud is the platform on which cognitive solutions are built, then storage is the foundation of any cognitive strategy.  Every single building begins with a solid foundation. IBM Storage solutions are part of that solid foundation and will help drive success in your journey. You can take a cognitive and cloud approach to analyzing, protecting and delivering your data.

The data explosion—driven by mobile, social and the intense instrumentation of the world around us—provides a unique opportunity for the storage business.  Simply put, storage infrastructure is everywhere and has the potential to empower organizations to convert data into insight and ultimately better and faster decision-making.

Finally, IBM is a leader in software-defined storage environments. This position is further evidence of the proven nature of IBM Spectrum Storage solutions, enabling clients to deploy with confidence.

There are multiple entry points. Let’s discuss how you can join IBM on its latest journey. Click here to get started.

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