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How-to guide: Stay competitive in a digital economy

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In today’s digital economy, regardless of industry, every company must embrace technology to adapt to the rapidly changing market dynamics. As data analytics and consumer demands evolve and grow, companies must modernize their IT infrastructure to deliver innovative capabilities and maintain competitive positioning.

Modernizing your IT infrastructure can seem daunting; however, the following steps will help your company align to the digital economy and stay ahead of competitors:

  1. Team up with your developers to choose the right open source database management system (OSDBMS). According to Gartner, by 2018, 70 percent of new in-house applications will be developed on OSDBMS. An OSDBMS like EnterpriseDB, MongoDB or Neo4J is innovative and flexible. Companies can benefit from dramatically lowering licensing costs by millions of dollars annually, compared to a traditional relational database system.
  2. Pair the right hardware with your database and application needs. The key to hardware choice is selecting the right processor. Not all processors are created equal, and today you have a choice. An alternative to Intel is the IBM POWER8 processor, which is created for big data. This processor delivers on average 80 percent better price-performance for OSDBMS. With the IBM OpenPOWER LC server line, a family of five scale-out Linux servers, companies can benefit from the POWER8 advantage for OSDBMS along with a 30 percent lower server price-point than competitive x86-based systems. See how LC server prices compare to competitors:digecon1
  3. Don’t risk IT; ensure success from your infrastructure provider. Companies should select a vendor that will meet the performance requirements the business depends on. For example, currently IBM is offering a 1.8 times price-performance guarantee for MongoDB and EnterpriseDB on the Power Systems S822LC for Big Data. This guarantee ensures that organizations can optimize investments made for modernization of database solutions. Clients like Florida Blue are already seeing three to five times the performance boost running MongoDB on Power Systems compared to competitive platforms.
  4. Bring accelerated computing to your enterprise. Hardware accelerators and accelerated computing have been typically associated with technical computing for research organizations. However, with the growing need for faster computing amidst the diminishing returns of Moore’s Law, top enterprises are taking advantage of hardware acceleration in their data centers to deliver faster insights. Companies like IBM, NVIDIA and Mellanox are embracing an open technology model to optimally integrate acceleration for compute, networking and storage through technologies like NVIDIA NVLink and OpenCAPI. IBM OpenPOWER LC servers embrace the open technology model and are market leaders for accelerator integration. This type of innovation allows companies to accelerate NoSQL data stores like the IBM Data Engine for NoSQL and new high-level programming frameworks like CAPI SNAP to use hardware acceleration in their enterprise data platform.

Today, companies have many alternatives to choose from when it comes to selecting the correct database and server to modernize their IT platform. The steps outlined above will help you select the right architecture to help your business decrease costs, stop server sprawl and deliver insights faster while aligning to the digital economy.

See how the IBM OpenPOWER LC line can help your business stay competitive in today’s digital economy.

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