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How IBM Systems is empowering the insight economy

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IBM continued the conversation around leading industry trends like cognitive computing, analytics, cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things during this week’s IBM Insight event. More than 14,000 business and IT leaders from around the world attended. IBM Systems was well represented at the show, as our IT infrastructure platforms will serve as the foundation for companies on the path to becoming cognitive businesses.

On Monday, my colleague IBM Middleware General Manager Marie Wieck spoke on harnessing the power of data through cognitive computing and the API economy. These trends are central to helping companies deal with the massive volume of unstructured data that isn’t yet being used to add value to business decision making. [For more on how the API economy is fueling cognitive business, check out Marie’s video interview or watch the session replay on IBMgo.]

During Tuesday’s General Session, I shared how IBM Systems is helping TravelPort process three billion travel transactions every day and redefine travel commerce in the mobile era. Agile systems are helping businesses like TravelPort to become trusted service providers by integrating mobile services, delivering leading analytics and providing infrastructure with superior management capabilities. With IBM, TravelPort is innovating in the travel marketplace without sacrificing secure core business.

I also touched on a few of the recent announcements within IBM Systems that enable our clients to empower themselves with data, including our new Power Systems LC line of servers introduced earlier this month.

Wednesday was especially exciting when IBM announced its planned acquisition of the Weather Channel’s B2B, mobile and cloud-based properties (including, Weather Underground, and Weather Services International). The Weather Channel and IBM alliance is all about data services in the cloud using Watson technology—and it might just mean that IBM is about to become one of the best weather forecasters of all time.

Other key announcements from the event include:

  • A redesigned user experience of Cognos Analytics, the IBM flagship business intelligence solution, available on premises and on cloud based on Watson Analytics. [Read more from IBM Business Partner Ironside here.]
  • The launch of an Apache Spark-as-a-Service offering, which enhances IBM’s commitment to open source and sophisticated analytics.

These announcements represent just a few of the many ways that IBM Systems is evolving to help our clients transform digitally with data and analytics capabilities for the cognitive era.

It was a great week at Insight 2015. With businesses under pressure today to drive digital transformation, evolving IT infrastructure to deliver analytics-driven insights in real time is critical. IBM Systems is helping clients become trusted service providers in the era of hybrid cloud by mastering analytics services through three key capabilities:

  • Acquisition: How do you capture the largest volume and variety of data?
  • Placement: Where do you best locate that data and your analytics applications?
  • Compute: What’s the best infrastructure designed for analytics to increase speed of analysis?

If your company is ready to take a leap forward in the cognitive era; to embrace digital transformation through the latest trends in analytics, mobile, cloud and cognitive; to be empowered in the insight economy—let IBM Systems be your foundation.

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