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Help IBM and Oregon State University strengthen open source for Power

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Through collaboration, I believe we can open the doors to powerful opportunities for solving the challenges facing many organizations. That’s why I’m excited to share the news about the newest project IBM is embarking on with Oregon State University (OSU) — and to invite you to join us as we further expand the IBM Power Systems ecosystem.

Through a partnership between IBM and OSU, students are exploring ways to simplify the development process for open source software developers. Together, we will create a POWER8 continuous integration system for open source projects to enable code change testing in the OSU Open Source Lab. GitHub will be used for hosting and authentication, which will allow others to easily replicate the solution on a cloud server other than the one used at OSU.

We chose OSU because of its premier Open Source Lab, which offers continuous integration and continuous development work. Thousands of developers around the world currently use OSU’s lab resources and tools because they allow for better collaboration within the growing open source developer community.

It’s a privilege for IBM to partner with these talented OSU students on their senior-year capstone project — a multi-faceted assignment that enables students to apply their knowledge and skills as they prepare to enter the workforce or graduate school, while collaborating to grow a healthy and diverse open source architecture environment. In addition, Unicamp — the winner of the 2016 Innov8 with POWER8 University Challenge — has joined this project.

Open source developers and staff from other universities are invited to participate in the ground-breaking project. Through this effort, you’ll have access to a no-cost, multi-architecture environment where software can be built, tested and validated with each change to the code. In addition, users will be able to test solutions on POWER8 systems running the Linux operating system.

To join IBM and OSU as we embark on this journey to fuel the incredible momentum and innovation within the OpenPOWER ecosystem, please contact Gerrit Huizenga, STSM, Power Linux Open Source Ecosystem Lead at IBM.

If you’d like to learn more about the OSU Open Source Lab, contact Lance Albertson, Open Source Lab Director.

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