Happily ever after with flash storage

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People don’t often associate flash storage with love connections, but they should.“Happily ever after” comes from two people finding each other in a sea of people looking for love. What does flash storage have to do with any of this?  Online dating sites use data to analyze profiles, make matches and engage users – and the successes and failures can lead to a marriage or a broken heart. I’d like to introduce you to our first spotlight customer in our The Difference Between blog series, Plenty of Fish.

The operators of Plenty of Fish, the world’s largest online dating site, were struggling to maintain the speed needed to support their 150 million users. Just think of all those potential matches. Its mobile and web platforms are used in over 20 countries in five different languages, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil and the United States. It’s free for users and generates revenue through advertising and premium memberships. It matches 4,000,000 unique customers daily using a finely-tuned algorithm.

Making more connections

With more than 2.5 million conversations occurring each day – more than on any other dating app – Plenty of Fish has to ensure a seamless user experience. And with new dating apps constantly rolling out, the competition for users has never been fiercer. People will simply go to another site if the experience is bad or if they encounter issues.

The team at Plenty of Fish knew they had to deploy an infrastructure with a data-centric design that put their users first. That’s why IBM FlashSystem was chosen. IBM FlashSystem helps Plenty of Fish push information to its four million daily users instantly so that they can connect and interact in real time.

“When it comes to costs, the IBM solution pays for itself—we had a ROI of two months,” notes Owen Morley, Director of Operations, Plenty of Fish Media, Inc. “Crucially, flash delivers ultra-low latency for batch requests—our main database server handles over 30,000 batch requests per second, with an average response time of 4 milliseconds. Now when users click on a page, it appears almost instantly—so we can keep our customers engaged and help them find the one.”

For Plenty of Fish, the right storage solution meant the difference between clicking through and losing interest.  What could it mean for you and your company?

Learn more here about how IBM Flash Storage partnered with Plenty of Fish and other companies to impact their businesses.

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