Hands-on experience with the IBM z Systems Trial Program

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As I work with clients who are considering purchasing enterprise software, they are often challenged with quickly accessing and testing the software. Multiple steps are required, from download to installation and configuration, and many times multiple people need to be coordinated (like the people in operations, database administrator (DBA), systems programmer, application developer and so on) who usually have many other things on their plates. Once all that is done, then the question becomes: “So what do I do now?” Alternatively, clients can arrange for a demonstration from their local sales rep, but that is dependent on the rep’s schedule and does not give the client the opportunity to explore on their own time.

We have listened to customers and I am happy to announce the availability of the IBM z Systems Trial Program. The z Systems Trial Program is a cloud-based environment where you can “kick the tires” of new z/OS middleware in a guided “tinker, test and try” sandbox environment.

  • An on-demand environment at no cost: With no lead times, and access to a no-charge remote environment, trying out z Systems capabilities is now easier than ever.
  • No setup, no install: We provision an environment for you. With all the tooling and connections pre-configured, start trying out the latest z Systems has to offer in hours, not weeks.
  • Hands-on tutorials: Experience the latest products and features on the mainframe, with short, step-by-step walk-throughs built-in to your trial environment.

Here is what some of our early adopters are saying:

  • “I love the how-to videos and that we can let the users we support try it and get inputs to decide if it fits our needs before buying it.”
  • “I like that you broke down the various trials into specific workloads so that it would be easier to decide which to apply them to. This is a good idea to simplify the trial offer concept.”

Now you can get your hands on z software trials, at no charge and on demand. There is no need to install server or client software. We will provide you with a remote desktop environment you can use to experience the value of the software, right at your fingertips. Better yet, hands-on tutorials are integrated into the environment.

We’re removing the time and effort required to install, configure and arrange demonstrations so that you can get straight to the value.

We currently have some of our newest software, such as z/OS Connect and Spark, available to try and will be adding more over the coming weeks.  All you need is to obtain a remote desktop client and register for the trial of your choice.

While you are exploring the latest and newest on the z Systems Trial program, we have gone a step further. I’d recommend you also visit the new IBM z Systems tech zone to get bite-size snippets of product functionality in a video format to help you easily determine which products to sample.

We know you are busy and we appreciate that your time is valuable.  Try the new IBM z Systems Trial Program and send us your feedback, so that we can keep improving as part of our agile development process on z Systems.

Try it by clicking here: IBM z Systems Trial Program.

You can also visit the IBM z Systems tech zone.

IBM z Systems Trial Program - click here

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